2005 Theme Camps

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Abbyville is a haven for Random Asylum Inmates, folks who want to camp with Asylum but aren’t already affiliated with an Asylum Theme Camp. We’re like the Island of Misfit Toys, a Lost & Found of disparate far-flung campers from NYC to California to Japan.

Hometown: New York, NY

Action Figure Camp

Action Figure Camp is a play space full of toys, games, activities and Barbie porn. Come play with us, but please no children and no bartering.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Akashic Depot

Pull your desert worn self into the Akashic Depot and experience rejuvenation beyond imagination. What does "Akashic" refer to, you ask? The "Akashic Records" is a theosophical term referring to an universal filing system which records every occurring thought, word, and action. The records are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha. In Hindu mysticism this akasha is thought to be the primary principle of nature from which the other four natural principles, fire, air, earth, and water, are created. Some indicate the akashic records are similar to a Cosmic or collective consciousness. The records have been referred to by different names including the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious. Others think the akashic records make clairvoyance and psychic perception possible. It is believed by some that the events recorded upon that akasha can be ascertained or read in certain states of consciousness. Such states of consciousness can be induced by certain stages of sleep, weakness, illness, drugs, and meditation so not only mystics but ordinary people can and do perceive the akashic records. The akashic records are the macrocosm of the individual subconscious mind. Both function similarly, they possess thoughts which are never forgotten. The collective subconscious gathers all thoughts from each subconscious mind which can be read by other subconscious minds. Come see us and access the collective mind through the breath, yoga, craniosacral release or enter the dreamtime using our Hemi-Sync technology system that uses binaural sound frequencies to induce a state of dreaming while remaining awake. Or just stop by and cool off, especially if you have good jokes. Most beautiful shade this side of center camp!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Alice in Weirder land

Home of the cat and all the adventures it brings, stop on by and ride, ride, ride to somewhere new.

URL: http://www.docsloft.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Alien Monkey Love Nest

Alien Monkey Love Nest returns for the 458th year on the playa! Come participate on our Alien Monkey Love Stage TM and show your talent, in which you will be rewarded for your participation with our famous pendants. Alien Monkey Love Nest is located at the Area 47 Village.

Alien: From Latin alia, meaning "other". Monkey: simians of descent from people. An advanced creature who really knows where his towel’s at. Love: Boat. Exciting and new. Nest: Booty-bed region of the Burning Man bedrock bangy bangy (Brian is no longer allowed near official websites ever again. Our apologies. Re: Management) OK, now you know the basics, here’s what we don’t-doo and what we do-doo. We don’t give beautyful things away just for the sake of giving beautyful things away. We provide a stage for YOU to show off and bring the joy of entertainment to the masses. Oh, we also happen to reward participation in our talent with pretty little trinkets. Kind of like a dangling carrot. If you don’t like it, that’s cool, just move along and find some other more comfortable way to participate. The fact is that everyone has a talent to share, and it doesn’t take much more than the ability to get up on stage and give it a try. Some successfully entertaining talents we’ve seen in the past include contortionism, nude Irish step dancing, bellydancing to polka accordion music, storytelling, harmony singers and JOKES WE HAVE NOT HEARD BEFORE THAT ARE NOT LAME. (Yes, that’s a subjective term. Cope.) Not everyone can spin fire or sing the Swedish national anthem backwards, but there’s something I bet, SOMETHING you can do that will make at least one person laugh their ass off – so get up on stage and give it a try! Unless you’re a mime – we reserve the right to waste mimes.

URL: http://www.alienmonkeylove.net/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Alien Nathan's Roadhouse

Alien Nathan’s Roadhouse – Black Rock City Brewing Co. – Colorado Drum and Bass_Three distinct camps have unified to offer a nice neighborhood bar and dancehall for the citizens of Black Rock City. Stop in when you are in the area for a libation and some grooves. Schedule is when we feel like being open.

URL: http://www.micrage.com/brc2005Hometown: Shirley, New York

Alternative Energy Zone village

Welcome citizens of Black Rock! We invite you to learn about enjoying the Playa without the use of stinky diesel or gas generators. Learn solar, wind, and pedal-power for running your wonderful blinky lights. Learn recycling & battery magic. As long as we have space, we invite all of you to camp with us. Look for the giant AEZ sign in the sky to find our village.

URL: http://www.ae-zone.orgHometown: Redondo Beach, CA


Angoraphobia: Where Cute and Cuddly go tooooo far! Are you frightened of bunnies and fuzzy sweaters like Uncle Martha used to wear? Perhaps you’re concerned playa bunnies will leap into your subconscious and have their way with it? If so, hop on over to Angoraphobia, where we will happily torment and desensitize you as only bunnies can–with ultra-high frequency bunny antics and lovely fuzzy wuzzy sweater procedures!

While you’re at it, play Jewel’s Hopping Game (everybunny wins), take home an original enamel pendant of BUNNing Man, and get the Man printed on your t-shirt! To overcome your fears, be sure to dress your bunny best, meet at camp and JOIN YOUR FELLOW BUNNIES Thurs at 6pm SHARP to march in the BILLION BUNNY MARCH to protest humanity (HOORAY!)! Become one with what you fear and join us as we hop, skip and burrow ourselves inextricably into the very bowels of your psyche!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Anonymous Camp

AA, NA, Al-Anon and all other flavors of 12-Step meetings are held here, scheduled and/or impromptu. If the particular meeting you want is not on our schedule board, feel free to write it in and chair it. Anonymous Camp is also a safe place to camp with other Burners in recovery.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

antronia city of boxen

Remember when you were a kid and got to play in a big cardboard box? Wasn’t it one of the best things ever? Antronia is bringing cardboard boxes to the desert this year for your inner child to play in, to decorate, to make into forts, to hide and to seek. the boxes will be open for play Monday-Friday during the day.

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA


aka: Beyond the Dead, The Dead Sea, Dark Star, Eyes of the World, Scarlett/Fire @ the Mars Hotel…
Cosmic Charley challenged Tennessee Jed to make up w/ Scarlett Begonia after he caught her w/ Bertha, Sugar Magnolia & Loose Lucy dancin’ down on Shakedown St. Jed, you see, was miffed not having been invited to join the girls in the fun. After a good laugh & cry, all tripped over to Black Peter’s for a smoke & drink. Later, feeling their oats, the group hooked up w/ the Lost Sailor who introduced them to some Lazy Lightnin’. By now, fully buzzed, everyone remembered Jack Straw asleep @ camp. Hoping to get home before daylight, thinking they just might still get some sleep tonight, everyone checked into the Brokedown Palace. Jack never knew what he missed. Rumor has it he had too much to dream, last night.

URL: http://the-garrison.comHometown: Santa Rosa, CA


A Kamp, a Kantina, a Katastrophy, where the world ends every day. The camo clad tribal mercenaries of the end times are joined by despots, neo-sovietki high fashion fascist chic, mad scientists and maniac robots to end the world so YOU don’t have to.

URL: http://www.geocities.com/rx_normanHometown: Carson City, NV

Apollo By Day Dionysus By Night

Apollo By Day Dionysus By Night presents
The Listening Circus
an environment dedicated to extraordinary forays into aural and visual perception, consisting of a 60 by 70 foot circus tent equipped with highly a articulate state-of-the-art surround sound system and multi-channel digital video projection. Each 24-hour period will cycle between reflective (conscious) content contrasting with a nighttime concern for ecstatic (subconscious) expression driven by: a continuously changing and autonomously controlled surround sound installation with sounds from the Earth and its living systems; the Theater of Pattern Formation, an aesthetic world of pattern formation, complexity, and chaos that celebrates recent innovations in our understanding of the origins of order and disorder in nature and in mathematics; abstract electronic soundscapes including major historical and recent works from the leading edges of digital music research and sound art; Dance Electronica accompanied by live digital image processing and custom visualizations; vintage animation and film focusing upon work from of the experimental traditions of film, video, digital animation and visual music.

URL: http://www.abddbn.com/burningman/Hometown: Santa Fe, NM


This is Arctica, where Ice is solid.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Area 47

Welcome to Area 47! We are a collective of Seattle theme camps — Flight to Mars, Space Virgins, Alien Monkey Love Nest, and Vague. Participate in our lab experiments, designed to transform your psyche.

URL: http://www.flight2mars.com/area47/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Art Car Camp

A line up of awesome art cars from all across the country in a parking lot line up Burning Man style. Deemed weird and wacky at home, but celebrated here, these art cars are modified permanently and are driven on a daily basis in the communities from which they hail.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA


The Artery is your playa headquarters for ART! This is where artists check in, get mapped, and get help with their projects. Artery volunteers will answer all your art questions. You can view a large map of the art on the playa, see displays, find out how to help artists, and drop off Material Culture here.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/installations/artery.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Ascension Tribe

Ascension Tribe is a sacred, sensual place for ritual and workshops that elevate the energies of the soul: psyche (mind), pneuma (spirit), and soma (body). Now in our third year on the playa, we offer seminars and practice in Tantric encounter, sacred sexual massage for women and men, energy work, qigong, dynamic meditation, as well as rituals and rites of ascension, and fun, erotic, and spiritual programs like Pole Dance Revolution and Storytime Shisha — all in our beautiful dome, designed with all five senses in mind. All adult participants are welcome.

URL: http://www.ascensiontribe.comHometown: Putnam Valley, NY

Ashram Galactica

Your Home Away from Home Away from Home
Opening on the site of a 5000-year-old monastery, the Grand Hotel at Ashram Galactica sets a new standard for hotel and conference facilities in the Black Rock City Metropolitan Area. Plan an overnight stay in one of our four luxurious suites, enjoy a crisp cocktail at the world-famous Twilight Bar, play Quantum Croquet on the lush hotel grounds, or relax with one of our renowned Nepalese aromatherapy massages at the Poshram Spa. Our well-informed and obsequious concierge will be only too happy to book a room or advise the weary traveler of the many sights, sounds and sensations the city has to offer.

URL: http://www.ashramgalactica.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Astral Headwash

Good day dirty dwellers We have a pleasure for you… we will be washing hair in the desert again this year Come visit us with your happy spirits, your smiling faces and your dirty hair and we’ll do our best to make you feel like you’re in heaven. We ask that you share with us something… something that makes BM such a special place — That could be a story, a song, a dance, a turn at washing someone else’s hair, a goodie, a little shoulder work for our hard worked muscles, a little humor or a little love =) And of course, we can’t exist without your H2O contributions, so bring some for yourself and a little more to share.

We’ll see you Monday – Friday noon – 4 PM. Remember, we are limited with how much we can wash, so come early to make sure you get wet with us.

Hometown: Lafayette, CP

Astral Vortex

The Astral Vortex will challenge your psyche with an inspiring mix of funk and cocktails, all brought to you via the Mobile Groove Bomb (MGB.) The MGB will drop the funkiest, get down, feel-good funk on unsuspecting (perhaps expecting?) citizens of Black Rock City.

Hometown: Portland, OR

AstroPups Psychedelicatessen

Welcome to the AstroPups Psychedelicatessen! For the 5th year in arow, the AstroPups bring you the hottest Pups on the playa! Withspecial events all week long, you’ll have plenty of opportunities forall of your Puppy Dreams to be caught and analyzed. Step into ourDoctor’s office and explore your inner Puppy with the help of trainedprofessionals, who have spent years studying the Psyche of the DogMind.
The AstroPups Psychedelicatessen is a village camp located in theAvalon Synapse Station. Join us for fun events throughout the week:

PUPPY DREAMS: Wednesday at 8pm
What do Puppies Dream? Come join the AstroPups at our Psychedelicatessen and get in touch with your inner Puppy. Those whotruly dream as Puppies will be given Pocket Puppy Dream Catchers toexplore not only their dreams, but all of the Puppies that dream on the playa. Our AstroPups Labs Psychoanalysts will interpret your dreams and make sure that you have a Therapy Dog to remedy whateverails your Puppy Psyche.

BEST IN SHOW: Thursday at 4pm
The Best In Show is right here in Black Rock City! Come to our BestIn Show Fashion Show and walk your dog (or yourself!) around the ring. Our panel of Judges will be looking for the Best Use of Fun Fur, BestPoise on the Runway, and Most Lickable. Forget the Westminster KennelClub – the best dogs in the world are on the Playa!

Join the Pups at the hottest gay club on the playa – the PsychedelicPuppy Lounge! The AstroPups Psychedelicatessen will have the hottestguys on the playa, and we’ll have contests to help weed out the purebreeds from the mutts. The winner of our "Bare Your Bone" contestwill receive a special prize! Our therapists from the AstroPups Labs will be on hand to delve deep into your psyche to find your inner Puppy. We’ll have movies and music to drive the demons from yoursoul, and for those of you that have troublesome inner demons, we’llhave "Inner Demon Wrestling". Come join us for an event that willsurely be talked about for years to come!

PUPPY HEAVEN: Saturday at 2pm
It’s been a rough week on the playa? Come visit the AstroPups and getyour tummy rubbed in Puppy Heaven. The Psychedelicatessen will beopen for all playa-weary travelers ready dream away those dustytrails. Our Scientists from the AstroPups Labs will be on hand tocheck you over and prescribe the right medicine to get you ready forthe night ahead. All Dream Catchers will be returning with the dreamsthat they caught over the week, and sharing their stories witheveryone. Special cool drinks and chill treats will be available forall dogs that come our way.

URL: http://www.astropups.com/playa/Hometown: New York, NY

Asylum Village

Asylum Village is an interactive playground for the mind that also serves to house wayward New Yorkers and their friends who have wandered out to the desert. Insanity is encouraged, straight jackets optional.

Hometown: NewYork, NY

Audrey's Brain Wash & Set

“We make you think you’re beautiful!”

Do you still believe that Saddam had WMDs?
Do you think the Escalade would be perfect if it only had a little more chrome?
Aren’t you just thrilled that Tom proposed to Katie?

Well, Girl… You need to wash that spam right out of your head!

Whether you need a psychic trim or a mental makeover, come to Audrey’s Brain Wash & Set, where you enter looking hag and exit feeling fab!

Our trained asstheticians will diagnose your mental maladies, reverse your psychic setbacks, and foil your gloom into highlights. Muss your doo in a Freudian slip and fall? No problem! In no time, we’ll have you looking and feeling Jung-er than springtime!

How, you ask? How not!

During the day, our chill ambience will calm your jangled nerves while we massage your gnarled ganglia, soothe your arid sinuses, lather away the broken dreams, and gently blow your teary eyes dry. At night, we pull out the stops, teasing your senses and curling your synapses with music, light, and dance.

So come on over to Audrey’s – your one-stop beauty bar for the brain. Oh, and leave your insecurities – and inhibitions – at the door.

You’ll be glad you id.

URL: http://burningmen.orgHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Automatic Subconscious

carefully peel back the surface of your mind
expose and explore your subconscious
[or explore ours instead ]
exploration facilitated by: performance [aerial and otherwise], public space, stilter (and stilt-free) bars, elevation, sculpture, untrained professionals…

URL: http://www.glassjelly.com/burningman/automatic2004/Hometown: Somerville, MA

Avalon Synapse Station

Six neural pathways converge at the legendary Avalon Synapse Station, an impulse-ive village of all things sultry, sweet, and spinning. At this island paradise in the desert, experience the allure of Quixote’s cabaret, cleanse your soul at Camp Stella’s Whoopie Party, and have your subconscious explored by the dream analysts of AstroPups. Fire up those neuromuscular junctions making and spinning poi with the Fairyland Fairies and Temple of Poi flow artists. And when that desert thirst kicks in, Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp has just the antidote.

URL: http://www.noeboys.net/avalonHometown: San Francisco, CA