2005 Theme Camps

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Camp 101

Camp 101 hosts ambient music performances and chill-out events throughout the week.

Hometown: Boston, MA

Camp Amazon

Camp Amazon will be back on the playa again this year. Dedicated to warrior women and fighting femmes, we will have an obstacle course, training circle at dusk, and various workshops throughout the week.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/campamazon/Hometown: Las Cruces, NM

Camp Arachnid

Camp Arachnid — we’re back, bigger and better than ever! As in previous years, we will be providing daily workshops in rope bondage in a comfortable, newbie-friendly environment. We supply the instruction; rope to practice with; and a large, comfy dome. We will be expanding our classes to cover other elements of sensual power exchange, and more advanced ropework. We also plan a play party. Look for the complete list in the Playa events calendar in July, and on our website. Please show up early for classes, our dome holds about 60 people and almost every class draws more people than that. All levels welcome, curious to jaded. (Also, please note our classes are a ‘no photo’ zone.)

URL: http://www.sffetish.com/arachnid/Hometown: South San Francisco, CA

Camp Better Days

Camp Better Days featuring the unique Better Days Rest Home for the very, very nervous. Come by and enjoy the comfort and shade, and have a nice cup of coffee. Join us in a review of the metaphysics of aging with our very own, old, old, Doctor Atomic. Check out the Diabetic Food Triangle… Once you arrive, you may never leave… For information, please contact Saint Anna Banana Earth Orbit with any questions or comments…

Hometown: Cool, CA

Camp Cacti

Got sunburn? Got dry skin? Got playa foot? Come down to the lavish and luxurious Camp cacti, and relax in our cactus garden as we rub you down with Sonoma county’s finest fresh Aloe Vera…

Hometown: Santarosa, CA

Camp Cancer

Camp Cancer! A lovely place for burners with cancer to just be and have a cocktail or two that isn’t chemo!

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Camp DreamWeaver

Interactive dream camp where burners can record their dreams inside a dream chamber, tell their dreams to a dream tender and have them woven into the collective experience of Black Rock City. Look for a posting of a chakra journey to happen thursday night.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Still paying tribute to our favorite word, since 1996. We’ve built the world’s largest f-word, and we’d like to invite any and all friends, family, fornicators, and copulators (you know who you are) to help us celebrate our 10th year. Free hot dogs and balloons for the kids!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Gallavant

We are the creators of the (Mutant Vehicle) S.S. Nevada and we Gallavant across the playa spreading fun and adventure wherever we go! When you visit us at our home port (Camp Gallavant), you’ll find that we love to share our booty with all our fellow Black Rock denizens!

Hometown: Sparks, NV

Camp Giggle-Belly

No frills, nothing fancy… just bring your belly and come prepared to laugh until your cheeks hurt and you’re buckling over in uncontrollable hysterics.

Hometown: New York, NY

Camp Glass

The glass equivalent of Recycle Camp. Have you ever noticed how the only non-crap beers available in aluminum cans are Corona and Heineken? Gets kind of old having to spoil the time of your life with cans of Bud Light, all in the name of MOOP avoidance. We’re the solution! Drop off your empty glass bottles (not just beer, but liquor too) at Camp Glass and we will wash them, strip labels, sort them, crush them, and melt them into Burning-Man-shaped glass necklaces for you and your friends to wear. Depending on how much $$$ we have, we may also have the glorious minimalist strains of composer Philip Glass cranked during your visit.

Hometown: Sterling, MA

Camp I Am

Camp I Am is a synergy of an eclectic bunch of camps, including: The Embassy, OBOP, DOTA, BRAS, Tuna Guys, Save the Man, and more!

URL: http://eugeneweb.com/cgi-bin/twiki/view/BM/TheEmbassyHometown: Eugene, OR

Camp Jonestown and Creepy Guy

Camp Jonestown returns to save your souls, help you pass into eternal peace and deliver sweet, delicious death. Camp Jonestown is also available for marriages and commitment ceremonies with real, live Reverends on board. This year we are also partnered with "Camp Creepy Guy," which will have a podium for Creepy Guy sightings, personal admissions of creepiness, confessions, and photo postings. We will also deliver Creepy Guy reenactment theatre and certification of creepiness. So if you see a Creepy Guy or are a Creepy Guy come rat them out. We will love to have you!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Klepto

Camp Klepto is celebrating its fourth year on the playa and we are going all out in order to celebrate it. We are building a new and larger (and more stable) dome, add a tea-house and will expand the bar. Yes we will be throwing our parties, playing reggea/dub/soul and funk during the daytime and and souful funky house / breaks at night (line-ups TBA). As usual Black Rock City United will organize at least two pick-up soccer games (see calendar & gazette for kick off times) and our annual giant kickball game before the burn, also known as bunny ball! We realize that it’s all about participating so drop by Camp Klepto and play some soccer with us, drop by for a cup of tea or dance with us till sunrise. See you all on the playa!

URL: http://www.basho.com/kleptoHometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Narcissism

It’s all about ME: Camp Narcissism is a place where participants come face to face with themselves in our wall of mirrors and our roaming mirrored bus, and are encouraged to see themselves for the beautiful, creative souls they truly are. We invite all to stop by to fall in love with themselves, and to take that love from the unconscious to the conscious part of their psyche.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Camp Ninja Burger

Ninja Burger, guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less, or we commit sepuku! How many food chains do YOU know of that have the Dim-Mak Death Touch? NO PIRATES OR SAMURAI!!! Open daily.

URL: http://www.ninjaburger.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Orange

Dig if you will this picture, a world submersed in ORANGE. No Exceptions, No ORANGE, No Entry. Orange will be provided if you don’t have your own.

Hometown: Renton, WA

Camp Papillon (Camp Butterfly)

Camp Papillon celebrates the three phases of the mind: the conscious as the caterpillar, the subconscious as the cacoon and the unconscious enlightenment of the butterfly. The interactive art of the caterpillar will allow the participant to venture through its intestines. Mid-week, Burningman participants will aid in the metamorphoses of the butterfly, and (hopefully) the butterfly will take flight and loom over the camp for the rest of Burningman.

Hometown: Chestertown, MD

Camp PeePot

Insightful burners know that a peepot in the tent is worth a row of porta-potties down the street, especially at 4am, when you awaken from your playa dreams to discover that you are really truly at Burning Man. Join us in creating your own custom peepot, and learn why we’re all about "PeePots helping People".

URL: http://members.aol.com/sfritz2994/ppot.htmHometown: Portland, Oregon

Camp Power Exchange

Camp Power Exchange is a small but elite group of people dedicated to providing infra-structure to theme camps. Ok we dont have any toys, but come party with us anyway.

Hometown: New York, NY

Camp Root

Camp Root-Proudly rootin down since 1998. CALLING ALL SKATERS: Come skate the RootBreaka half-pipe. CALLING ALL BURNERS: Come enjoy the freshest sub funk bass beats, and the infamous ROOT hospitality.

URL: http://www.rootabreaka.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Camp Self Conscious

Got a hairy back? Dress got wrinkles? Where is your self centered? Feeling self-conscious? We can measure. And magnify? Therapize? Exorcise?

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Skullfuck

We are a collective of men and women who enjoy cranial fornication in all its various forms. Come and experience a Skullfuck!

URL: http://www.campskullfuck.comHometown: Stanford, CA

Camp Stella

We are a diverse group from far and wide who have agreed to experience Burning Man clean and sober for the duration of the event. Some of us are active in AA and other 12 step programs – others are not. The bottom line is that we’re Burning Clean.

The "Queers, Plain Crackpots & Fallen Women Group" will host an open AA meeting every day at 3:00 PM. All are welcome to attend.
Also, don’t miss our "Plain Ordinary Whoopee Party." Avalon Village.

URL: http://www.campstella.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Stimulation

Get Stimulated!
Come get your stimulation in the form of the best damn cup-o-joe on the playa. Why walk to Center Camp when we have everything you need? By popular demand, we’re brining back our 2002 camp in bigger and better form. Come by in the morning for coffee, tea, and a place to chill out and tell your stories from the night before. Then come again in the late afternoon before you head out for evening playa fun.

URL: http://goe.tribe.net/Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Camp Stupid

Spreading the stupidity to a camp near you.

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Camp Videogasm

Camp Videogasm – A Multimedia Explosion – featuring independent / experimental video, interactive computer graphics, and live video art on our two screens, nightly at Snowflake Village. If you are a video artist with a short subject video you’d like to show, contact Early Poppycock at www.videogasm.com/burningman/2005

URL: http://www.videogasm.com/burningmanHometown: Woodhaven, MI

Camp Wabi

Explore the pshycological power of Myth and Story by joining us at Camp Wabi and contributing your own stories.

Hometown: Mercer Island, WA

Camp Want It

We provide a display of binaural and bivisual frequencies aimed at awakening the subconscious locked inside. Coupled with innovative DJs we are sure to make your genitals throb. Imagine Corey Haim and Corey Feldman reunited for another great film. Dont miss out on our sushi feed extravaganza Wednesday evening. Explore the subconscious while conscious and hopefully after a night of revelry… become unconscious.

URL: http://www.wantit.orgHometown: Portland, OR

Camp Withering Tights

Withering Tights is a haven for tired bodies to renew and revitalize through spirit consciousness and stretch. Gently guided morning movement will encourage sleepy bodies to awaken to a new day with evening movement geared toward revitalizing and energizing for the night ahead. Led by aging dancers with a need to stretch each day, Withering Tights will provide an oasis to those with that same need.
Those wishing to participate in our morning and evening guided stretchs are asked to bring a towel, blanket or yoga mat. However, those wishing to simply lie down on the desert floor without benefit of an added surface may do so gleefully.
Witering Tights will be easy to find simply by looking for the plethora of colorful tights blowing blissfully through the air.

URL: http://www.choozientertainment.comHometown: Las Vegas, NV

Campers Against Rapid Deceleration

Rapid Decleration is the cause of most deaths in the world. This camp proselytes against rapid deceleration to save lives. If you do have to move fast, slow down slow. It’s stopping too fast that gets you into trouble. Don’t launch projectiles that could potentially stop too fast in someone else’s body. Don’t accelerate a vehicle that cannot be stopped. By the way, who took the name crooked halo? That is my name, I have it for some very good reasons, and I’m going to find you for taking it from me. I have it on my ranger badge, you imposter. Don’t worry though. We’ll talk about it and no projectiles will have to rapidly decelerate…

Hometown: Tujunga, CA

Campo Alegre

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. We welcome you all to come into our garden of eyeballs, as we peer into the innermost parts of the psyche at Campo Alegre. During the day, we invite you to take part in Masked/Unmasked. We recognize that the self is a beautiful and ever-changing collection of actions and ideas. We ask you to bare yourself, inside and out and to take up another self as we photograph you in a different physical mask. When night falls, we dig deeper in to the sexual subconscious in Motel 616. On the the playa, many of us long to make a physical and spiritual connection with a special person or persons. And yet many of us cannot find a comfortable place for that _expression. We invite you and your partner to put on a fluffy, white robe and step into a refreshing, clean space. Think of it as a secluded, oasis in the desert where you are free to express your deep connection on the bed or anywhere else you desire in the Motel. Shadows gives substance to your inner fantasies, as a soft light shines on you so your movements are projected on the outside of the tent. After all, we all like to watch too.

URL: http://www.campoalegre.orgHometown: Chicago, IL


Come wander the canals, museums, and districts of Campsterdam!

URL: http://www.campsterdam.comHometown: Incline Village, NV

Cat Herder's Union, Local 451

Come play in the cat box!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Celtic Friendship Tree

A dynamic visual space with a 15 foot nouveau-Celtic Friendship Tree_

Hometown: Beresford Street, Dublin

Chain of Thought Video Experiment

Part chain letter, part sociological inquiry, part reality TV confessional, the Chain of Thought Video Experiment will provide a random survey of Blackrock consciousness circa 2005. 20 playa-roaming video cameras invite burners to "share 30 seconds of a thought, theory, dream, concept, fantasy, or meditation: where you are in your head at this moment," and then pass it on; when the tape is full, return to our camp, where we will have a screening dome for watching returned tapes and one stationary video camera available 24-7 to catch the thoughts and dreams of passersby.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Chamber of Questionable Actions

We have a skateboard halfpipe and live rock and roll. Adult beverage consumption is recommended and will be provided for those that seek such a thrill. Participation in the story telling booth is also encouraged. Skateboards will be provided, but you can ride whatever you brought-so long as it will not damage the riding surface. Please come and visit us. We’ll make you laugh.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Cheese Id Camp

Join the cultish kurds of The Whey. You will never be the same again. A camp devoted to Grill and Chill in the whey hours of the morning. (when we feel like it) The Black Rock Diner will be serving grilled cheese sandwiches, Mac and Cheese, and other comfort foods to our late night brethren between midnight and dawn. A 50’s style diner offering late night snacks and a chill space for those that are coming home from a night on the playa.

URL: http://www.satinlounge.com/shikantazaHometown: San Francisco, CA

Cheeze and Lemonade

Cheese & Lemonade Camp. Remember when you were a kid, in the front yard, mom was jammin out to Seals and Crofts in the kitchen, you and your friends at your lemonade stand in the front-yard, hot summer sun, sugar rush, sticky clothes, sticky faces, sticky fingers. And how fun was it when the dog licked it off you? And you all ended up naked running through the sprinklers. And strange Mr Diggles next door. What was his deal anyway? Now kids, this is your grand opportunity to reach deep back into your, PSYCHE.. The sticky, pink part, where you will find the same kids (us), the same cheesy music, the same sticky fingers. And yes, WE’RE jammin out to Seals and Crofts. And Journey! And Peter Frampton! Note for the historically uneducated: cheesy music pairs perfectly with boozy lemonade. Yes, booze and lemonade. So pop on by, hang in our front yard, play in our back-yard, Or just pour lemonade all over yourself and dance in the sunshine. If you’re a lucky dog, some stranger might come on by and offer you a bath. Looking forward to a little afternoon delight.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Chi Chi's Panocharama

In addition to Breast Exams this year we offer: Tasteful Coiffeurs For Your Personal Kitten. Jaguallero, LFGGS (Licensed Female Gentile Grooming Specialist) offers several new styles including the brand new BRC Butch, the traditional Bald Eagle and the perennial favorite Baghdad Café. All of these along with several variations of the Butterfly; the most famous of course being the Mariposa. Relax in our quiet salon with an iced tea or chilled Chardonnay and treat yourself to an all new “DOâ€Ω or just a tune-up to your current fashion statement.Your partner will love you for it.

URL: http://www.jaguallero.comHometown: Los Gatos, CA

Children of Chaos

The Children of Chaos will be spreading disorganization and joy throughout Black Rock City through unscheduled guerrilla theater events. We could appear any time and any place. We will also lead the parade of the Golden Tribe on Wednesday afternoon, assembling at 4:30 and starting our gold parade at 5:00. Put on your best gold costumes and join us.

URL: http://home.comcast.net/~imstevens/chaos_camp.htmlHometown: Portland, OR


The Chillonia camp’s mission is simple: we want to create a relaxing space to share with each other and our visitors. We will base our efforts on the motif of the mythological turtle, who feels at home no matter where he goes. The primary structure in our camp, a domed turtle, will serve as the nexus of our activities. Within its comforting walls, we will provide liquid refreshment to our visitors at any hour of the day or night. We will do our best to make sure that everyone we meet feels as relaxed and comfortable in our camp as they do in their favorite neighborhood bar.

URL: http://www.chillonia.orgHometown: Cambridge, MA

Cirque Berzerk

Welcome to Cirque Berzerk!
This is the circus for the Misled, the Misunderstood and the generally Maladjusted.
The clowns are running the asylum. When THIS show roles into town, hide your children (unless they’re really deformed, then by gosh we want ’em!).
Just admit it, we’ve all wanted to run away to join the circus. From the psychotic to the despotic to the idiotic, we’re ALL part of the show here – we want to see you perform YOUR contortion act as our aerial acrobats swirl above your head.

See death defying feats.
Hear the twisted beats.
Feel the fire’s heat.
But our clowns are not so sweet.
Come one, come all to the big top of the bizarre,
Cirque Berzerk

Cirque Berzerk, a Dark 1920’s Punk damaged Vaudevillian Circus, hosts it’s Extravaganza Wednesday night and Friday night featuring performers from Cirque Du Soleil, Mutaytor and bizarre acts we’ve kidnapped from the dark underbelly of America. DJ’s, performers and psychotic clowns every night.

URL: http://www.cirqueberzerk.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

cirque de Flambe

See the fires of your soul reflected in the frantic clowns of the playa, smell the roasting humor, see the bright flash of the cyclone, feel the heat of the sirens of flame, Late night shows on Wed, Thurs, and possible Friday. Garden of Pyro on late Sunday night.

URL: http://www.cirquedeflambe.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Citrus Camp

Welcome to Citrus Camp – it’s citrus-tastic! Camp Citrus provides friendly chill space and chilly beverages to our hot and dusty fellow burners. Stop by in the heat of the afternoon, spin the Wheel O’ Drinks, and quench your thirst with a Poon Tang, a Sunny G, or our favorite – the Blue Loo. Hang around to enjoy our house DJ’s spinning mellow tunes to go with your drink. Visit the small Psychic Dome for a mystical experience.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Clan Destino

Clan Destino’s Renegade pyro-freaks take the PyroBarCar to the Playa with the Aerial Tripod in tow. Join the menagerie for a cold vodka energy drink while the sexy circus kittens turn aerial feats. The devil in you will move to the colossal beat of our three-ringed circus. Back at the camp find respite from the elements in the Red Fur Silver Streak Lounge.

URL: http://www.theclandestino.orgHometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Clevian Circularity

Located within Snowflake Village. Visit our Antigravity Dome where objects and ideas fload freely around the room. Confront your psyche as an interviewee on the Lance Miller Show. Gratify your libido at our Tuesday and Wednesday Speed Dating sessions at 8 pm.

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Club Verboten

Your home of retro avant-garde music, Club Verboten returns to offer a host of dance parties that in another time and space would be considered "cutting edge".Our comfortable tent and furnishings offer the BRC citizen many delights which we hope you will find time to explore.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Comfort & Joy

Restore your body and lift your spirits at Comfort & Joy, where you can play in our enchanting immersive art installations, relax in one of our domes, soothe your playa-foot at our pedicure salon, come down gently in our Afterglow Lounge, and meet your neighbors at any of our many events.

URL: http://www.klodhopper.com/joyHometown: San Francisco, CA


We all have secrets – come confess yours and receive absolution, but only after performing Bingo penance! We’ll provide friendly priests and nuns, and the pope may even lie in state if he has the time. If you’re lacking in sins, not to worry – space, and games (Spin the Cross, anyone?), will be available to ensure you have something worth confessing.

Hometown: New York, NY

Conscious Craving

The goal of Conscious Craving is to contribute the spiritual quality of Burning Man by creating a sacred, reverent space for spiritual practices including yoga classes, meditation sessions and Kirtan chant with live musicians. Our camp will be open to any willing participants and we invite both beginners and practiced experts to join in our daily events.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Contact Camp

… a nexus for exploring the art of contact improvisation. Come for daily classes in contact improv and related arts (contemplative movement, authentic movement, contact yoga, etc), as well as contact jams(open space for investigation/practice/play), labs, or just hanging out with others interested in the possibilities of contact. All are invited to come play, whatever experience level, body type, or ability.

Contact Improvisation — a 33 year old body-based art, a physical investigation of the possibilities of bodies moving through contact weight, structure, momentum, balance and off-balance, falling, touch, forces, physics, skin, muscle, and bone are our starting places, and from there our curiosities take us where they will. We experiment, observe, take risks, play. While the investigation can move to many different places it has a reference point in observation of physics in motion, bodies in contact, and delight in the unknown. As a practice, Contact is flexible, taking on whatever forms the curiosity of the practitioners discover together- athletic and wild, quiet and meditative, play, study, meeting, a kind of non-competitive wrestling or moving bodywork. The pleasure of contact comes of this active investigation.

URL: http://www.toishou.org/ContactCamp.htmlHometown: Seattle, WA


The Contraptionists will host a shaded communal space with sitting area including The Nebula Lounge with Smoothies and Snow cones with several adjacent structures which will provide a number of public interactive services such as the Kitty Trim by the Bushwhacker, Desert Art temporary tattoos, The Sewing Stop, Midnite Golf , Interactive art, and other "Must See/Must Do" attractions… See our web site at www.Contraptionists.Com for more information .

URL: http://www.Contraptionists.comHometown: Boulder, CO


An oasis in the desert, open every afternoon and early evening. CoolTown is a fully misted community shade structure to chill, rest, relax, socialize, or work on el-wire or electrical art and equipment. For the industrious or curious we have tools, soldering equipment, expertise and some supplies to assist with construction or repair of your el-wire or other electrical/electronic project.

Hometown: Orangevale, CA


AChewy Chunky Beats – Music You Can Eat!

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Crash Land Inn

Where weary spce travelers can sip a little sauce and spin a yarn about their journeys. Located in the oddest part of Black Rock City.

URL: http://www.crashland.orgHometown: Oakland, CA

Crazy Canadian Cosmic Cats

C4 returns to the playa for it’s second year. Come explore the inner workings of the cosmic cat. Sample a beverage, or strap yourself in to the dream projector.

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Crazy Dante's Used Soul Emporium

Come on down to Dante’s and trade in your worthless old soul towards purchase price of a Brand New Previously Owned Celebrity Soul! Arrive in that jalopy you’ve had all your life, roll off the lot in the latest luxury model. No refunds.

URL: http://dante.etuttle.comHometown: Oakland, CA

Cuddle Princess Island

Take away all the chairs and coolers, pile on all the sleeping bags and pillows into the middle, and climb on! *Everyone* wins at Cuddle Princess Island. Our island will be new and improved, with more soft and fuzzy loveliness. This year the cuddle princesses will team up with Space Madness Conspiracy: Mad Geniuses of the Kosmic Freakdom and Sideshow Gallery. Here we HUG. This is our tradition. This our rebellion. This will be our revolution. GET YO’ FREAK ON!

URL: http://www.stellarmadness.tribe.net/Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Cuddle Puddle

Join us for the art of casual touch and acceptance of intimacy between friends. Grow and heal. Melt in to our cuddle puddle.

URL: http://www.water-brother.comHometown: Chandler, AZ

Cypress Lounge

The Cypress Lounge is back for the thrid year in a row offering cocktails, and bingo games. Stop by for game times, then come play bingo with us and win fabulous prizes while you enjoy a cold drink.

URL: http://www.cypresslounge.com/burningman.htmlHometown: Marina, CA