2005 Theme Camps

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I'm Ok, You're Ok Corral!

Always a fantastic & memorable time are to be experienced at the Corral or on the playa. Whether it’s our infamous Bar Car, Love Sub, antique saloon, cold tasty margaritas, live music or the Cooter Girls, you are sure to include the Corral in your recollection of playa stories.

URL: http://www.imokyok.comHometown: San Jose, CA

Image Node

Explore our domes, tunnels, and inflatables as we take you on a journey through your own mind with live improvisational elextronic music and VJing, interactive art, and blinkytronics. Also, come and play Bush Bush Revolution, and Silent Football.

URL: http://www.imagenode.orgHometown: Brooklyn, NY


Inferno Camp will host LA’s Inferno Inc on the playa this year. We will be hosting the Ocean of Fire project, so swing by and get info on the World Record attempt.

URL: http://www.inferno-inc.us/Hometown: Hollywood, CA

InnerWOW/Virtual Playa

The Church of WOW is spiraling inward, deep into the psyche to explore the InnerWOW. Within the inner realms of imagery and imagination, worlds bloom, worlds within worlds-we’ve tumbled through the rabbit hole and into the VIRTUAL PLAYA- a 3-D electronic astral plane etheric double of the actual playa, the VIRTUAL PLAYA is ultimately the planetary regional Burning Man network, the Cyberspace Regional. By night, bring your avatars and join us in a fly-through, unfettered by gravity or bureaucracy – By day, drop into the Psychic Salon for New Edge luminaries and acoustic minstrels.

URL: http://www.innerwow.orgHometown: Redwood City, CA

Iron Rose

Iron Rose Juke Joint:
We like our music on the twangy side, a challenge for technofied burner-psyches, a proven prescription for raver-fatigue with ambient timey bluegrass, some blues and old soul, a ripple of surf and a healthy dose of reggae.
Beat the local pool shark on the joint’s not-quite-right Billiard Tables.
Awake to the Mistical Flower Garden.
Visit the Pyramid of Perfection for the day’s Perfect offering. (available for all your Perfect Events! Contact your local sales agent for tours and rates. Generous Burner discounts!) Are you perfect? In the Pyramid, you are!

URL: http://www.dykema.net/ironroseHometown: Redwood City, CA