2005 Theme Camps

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Radio Free Burning Man

We’re back in Black Rock for our twelfth year with radio you need to get through the day. Listen in on 99.5FM.

URL: http://www.rfbm.orgHometown: San Jose, CA

Radio Free Valhalla

Radio Free Valhalla is the PlayaPoint for the internet’s most fun loving drunks and purveyors of solipsism… The Viking Youth Power Hour. Through weekly podcasts the Viking Youth Power Hour empower the fine citizenry of this planet with information and actions to enhance their minds and strengthen their call to Joy. The Viking Youth find themselves not only utilizes of Rev. Raoul Sunshine’s "Yes! Advantage"TM but also conduits of its many pleasures.
Radio Free Valhalla will find the Viking Youth Power Hour bringing their ravenous deeds to Black Rock City in 2005. We will free the minds of the denizens of the playa with workshops and lectures on podcasting as well as 4 live-recorded shows throughout the week. Join us in grabbing reality by the balls. Learn to stop dreaming like a pussy! PROCEED!

URL: http://www.thefeedlot.org/vikingyouth/radio_free/radio_free.phpHometown: Chicago, IL

Rainforest Refugee Camp RRC

Rainforest Refugee Camp (RRC) Returns as the Playa’s "premier" relief station where over heated Participants from lands graced with lower temperatures and higher humidity can seek Refuge and ask for asylum from the harsh treatment they are enduring on the Playa. The entrance of the RRC has an overhead misting system giving the appearance of mist covered forests and clouds. Stop by and Chill! We have energy healers, Aura readers, people to help you with playa dreams, and vision quest lessons (remote viewing)

URL: http://www.snursery.com/rrc/rrc05.htmHometown: Hoquiam, WA

Ranger Outpost Tokyo (9 o'clock)

Ranger Outpost Tokyo loves you. Rangers ride the edge of chaos, and have been making reasonable excuses for your behavior since 1992. Please expect change, and feel free to get over it. We are not your mothers, but we want to help. If you have a real problem, please come by for a visit. Or just stop by to say hi.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Ranger Outposts @ 3 & 9 o'clock

The Ranger Outposts at the 3 & 9 o’clock plazas are conveniently placed to assist participants with any uirgent, emergency, medical, or safety issue. We love ya and we care, but we are not your mother. Ranger ride the edge of chaos, but do not handle whiners very well. Please re-read the definitions of the words "radical" & self-reliance" before leaving your homes and driving to Black Rock City. Bring Earplugs. Expect change, and please feel free to get over it. Thank you, and have a great week in the desert.

URL: http://rangers.burningman.com/Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Recycle Camp

Recycle Camp!!! This is where Black Rock City comes to recycle its aluminum cans. Bring us your cans, help us crush ’em using our State of the Art Can Crusher, “The Blue Duck”. We donate the cans to the Gerlach High School and have a lot of fun doing it. We are open to recieve your cans from 10am to 5pm, Monday August 29th through Sunday September 4th.

See you all out there!!!

URL: http://www.burningman.com/participate/recycle_camp.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Regional Information Center

Want Burning Man to last ALL year long? Now you can, stop by the Regional Information Center or RIC in Center Camp to see how. Want to travel back in time to Burning Man 1992? Now you can, many times a year all over the place, stop on by the RIC to learn all about these events. At the RIC you can connect with burners in a Regional group where you live. Traveling somewhere? Chances are there are burners and Regional events nearby. For everything you need to know about the Regional Network, go to the RIC in Center Camp.

URL: http://www.kapilina.org/ric2005.htmlHometown: Haleiwa, HI

Reincarnation Location

Be reborn into the world of the Playa. Confess your sins, spin the Wheel of Pennance, serve your G, R or NC-17 rated pennance and be cleansed of your sins before crawling through our 6′ vagina to receive your rebirth certificate.

URL: http://burningman.funkweb.netHometown: Van Nuys, CA


REMSA is the advanced medical care provider to Burning Man.

Hometown: Rocklin, CA


RISA is just like the resort planet from Star Trek, renowned for its breezes and easy-going, uninhibited sexuality. Our main attraction at Risa this year, is the Dancing Peahen and Peacock Shuttle. The atmosphere on the shuttle best represents what Risa is all about. For a ride, look for the shuttle on the open Playa. The Dancing Peahen and Peacock are looking for live music this year!

Hometown: Carson City, Nevada


Robotronia – See! self-dementia re-programming before your very eyes! Multiple format video interactions defying all human comprehension! Madness from beyond, as your doing becomes your undoing. The Munzbot patrols the perimeters, d6 controls audio disorientations, intruder alert! welcomes you as the gateway centurion. Enter as human, deport as thinly-weiled disguised sub-atomic quadrant masses.

URL: http://www.robotronia.com/Hometown: Reno, NV


The root of all…all things above and below.
Above the law. Below the line.
Above temptation. Below the belt. The love below….
The below you can not see. The root of all evil? Maybe!
But you want it. Your mind wanders…the mystery draws you in.
Your mind imagines…dreams of its power.
The contrast of the extremes. The conscious vs the subconscious.
The way people and energy move through space.
Keeping score of the activity…away from the natural balance.
The Root Society!

Hometown: Boston, MA