2005 Theme Camps

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Oasis Dome

The Oasis Dome is an oasis of calm, moisture and living things in the middle of the desert. The dome contains a fountain as its centerpiece, tropical plants, and massage tables.

URL: http://www.efalk.org/OasisDome/Hometown: Mountain View, CA

oasis of dreams

The Yin/Yang, Sun/Moon, Male/Female, Dreams/Nightmares -Our daydreams and nightdreams join to complete the picture of wholeness and all we desire. Whether you are looking for the daydream oasis, with cool mists, palms swaying and the sound of flowing water, you’ll find it here. Or perhaps you are looking for the nightdream oasis, with the moon, stars, and the coolness of the dark, the mystical side. You’ll find that also in our dreamy night time atmosphere. Come explore your dreams, we will interpret your dreams, have a tarot card reading and make your dreams come true by manifesting them in our Pagan New Moon ritual on Friday Night at Dark time. You can participate in black light body painting and create a dream journal to take with you. Dreams illuminate, dreams set goals, dreams are instigators for change, and dreams give hope. Our camp has had a dream come true, after 4 years of waiting, in June ’05, one of members received a kidney transplant from a living donor friend. *Billy the kid*-ney is doing great. Within this dream, we continue to do our part by reminding people to *RECYCLE YOURSELF*. Be a part of someone else’s dream to receive a transplant, and with that-LIFE. Honor, celebrate and investigate the hidden wonders of dreams and the knowledge of self they can bring to your life.

URL: http://www.geocities.com/burningman_oasisHometown: Auburn, CA

OBOP (Ojai Bureau of Pleasure)

OBOP (the Ojai Bureau of Pleaure) returns to celebrate our mother Psyche with a metamorphic environment including the Chrysalis Lounge and Psyche’s Womb, which gives birth to Pleasure. We will also host the Phonebooth to God, offer live music each evening, mount a publically composed storyboard where participants can author a story one word at a time, produce the first ever Black Rock Idol contest, and serve as home to the fire troupe Fiamma Luna, and to Ganesh, the copper cruiser of the playa.

URL: http://www.obop.orgHometown: Ojai, CA

Operation Camp

Operation Camp will deliver an exciting journey into childhood with an adult twist. Come play our life sized Operation game and determine poor Sam’s fate. Shot or a shock…take your chances…spin the wheel…you might end up pantless!

URL: http://www.mrbudz.comHometown: Sacramento, CA

Opulent Temple of Venus

By day: a full service salon for the goddesses of the playa, providing healing and intentional attention for mind, body, and spirit. By night: A full scale sound camp providing a space for sacred dance and opulent chilling to world class music.

URL: http://www.opulenttemple.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA


Do you have a question? Everyone does. A visit with the Oracle provides insight into your own life’s journey in a safe, encouraging setting. We use Tarot, a powerful medium which we don’t pretend to understand. For each person, the cards have a revelation. We hope to meet you in shared experience, wherever we may be.

Hometown: Arbuckle, CA

Ordinary/Extraordinary Life Stages

Enter the psyche of the child, adolescent, and/or adult in our life stages. Re-create or re-experience some of life’s tough, funny, gritty and beautiful moments. What life stage are you in right now- mentally, physically, spiritually, socially? Are you a child wanting to play? Then venture into our CHILD STAGE and find: giant games, stilt-walking, (soy)milk and cookies, laughter, arts and crafts. Are you an adolescent looking for deviance? In the ADOLESCENT STAGE find: The Wheel of Addiction- spin the wheel to win cigarettes and feed your addiction and elect if you so choose a new path by signing a pledge to quit X number of days after burning man. Also find -condoms, candy, keg, vanity products. Are you an adult looking for wisdom? In this stage: tell your LIFE STORY through a recorded interview, anonymously or with an interviewer. Do you have a compelling, funny, sad, unbelievable story to tell. Do you have a confession to make, do you need to make sense of your life? OR just come and listen to anonymous segments of fellow burners’ life stories as they are played back in clips in our main shade structure. Also, make your own life or work business cards out of reused material.

URL: http://www.burntheman.orgHometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Our Lady of Schlongs

First let us thank all the visitors to Our Lady of Schlongs Meat Inspection Center over the last five years. Your participation is what makes the camp great. Please join us this year for another rip roaring Meat Inspecting experience. Bring your "Meat" by and we’ll make sure its "USDA PRIME". Inspections are rewarded with an ice cold BEER.

URL: http://www.schlonghappy.comHometown: North Hills, CA