2005 Theme Camps

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F-SPACE / Savaged Republic

Previous Burning Man attendees know that the F-SPACE exists at all levels of consciousness. F-SPACE, the BORG2 "house band" and the Savaged Republic will be performing pyro post-punk performances nightly on the playa, including Scot Jenerik’s fire belching "Throbbing Gristle/Einsturzende Neubauten" percussion instruments.

URL: http://www.mobilization.com/Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Faces of Burning Man

“Faces of Burningman” will record the spirit and consciousness of Burningman 2005 through portraits and stories. In the cool relaxed environment of the studio, participants may choose a photo session that reveals the inner self or a video session sharing a story about themselves. Participants receive either a CD of their portraits or a video of stories to remind themselves later who they really are.

URL: http://imageevent.com/photogenics/facesofburningmanHometown: Woodland, CA


The fairies will be presenting fun events on the playa throughout the week including Poi and wing making, a general arts and crafts day, and a new event centered around Tutus. Be sure to stop by our camp, part of the Avalon Village, to see what fun and frolic the fairies have in store for you.

URL: http://www.playafairies.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

False Profit, LLC

as the most advanced company on the planet, false profit’s most valuable asset is our brand. by using our logo and our slogans (and inventing new taglines and catch-phrases for our new products and services), we will present a cohesive face to the world as it moves by along the esplanade. with the simple application of black and white paint and clever mind-twisting words, no one will wonder how all these various elements go together… instead, they’ll be scratching their heads and asking themselves how the life they enjoy could really be their own.

URL: http://www.false-profit.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Fast Furnishings

Find your Ultimate Sock Mate! Pay Tribute to your last chance to wear white shoes!_

URL: http://www.fastfurniture.com/themecampHometown: Berkeley, CA

Fig Leaf Playhouse II

Back by popular demand, the one and only Fig Leaf Playhouse. We were the talk of the town and we all had so much fun last year that its going to be a great big do over. And just like last year, we will be giving away the hottest clothes and costumes on the playa. So, if you missed it, dont get left out again and if you did come by last year well see you again.

Hometown: Napa, CA

Film Corps Camp

The Lance Miller Show! Burning Man’s First Ever Late Night Talk Show! Famous Talk Show Host Lance Miller will use his charm and linquistic skills to coax the most intimate secrets out of his unsuspecting guests, or let you plug your latetst movie or marginally entertaining sitcom. And if you want a more private chat, sit down at our Lucy Psychiatric Booth and pour out your psyche. All confessions remain confidential. Unless we change our minds. Located in Snowflake Village!

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Fire Camp Station 3

Official HQ of the Black Rock City Volunteer Fire Department. Established in 2000, Fire Camp has been the home for fire fighters from across the country who gift their services to the city.

Hometown: Deming, WA

Fire Conclave Convergence

Ignite the Man – On Saturday night, the Fire Conclave in its full force will create the fire circle around the Man. But before that happens all members of the Fire Conclave must sign in at this camp, Fire Conclave Convergence. Open Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM, There will be no signs in on Saturday. If you are interested in learning more about the Fire Conclave stop by.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/performance/fire_conclave.htmlHometown: Oakland, CA

Fish Observatory

Fish Observatory- A place where one can experience an aspect of themselves they’ve never really seen before.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Flight to Mars

Hard at work in the Martian biolabs, the genius test pilots had nearly perfected the advanced Cerebral Synaptodrive, when a mysterious shockwave scrambled all their programming codes. The test pilots survived, but only to find themselves in an inescapable state of spacetime transience. They could inexplicably appear in any time, place, or dimension throughout the history of existence — and disappear just as quickly. Is your earthling bodily vessel prepared to penetrate the very fabric of the empirical universe just to reach a dry, dusty, barren rock like Mars? What, are you insane? You probably deserve all the mutations you will get.

URL: http://www.flight2mars.comHometown: Seattle, WA

floating oasis

an oasis of bliss in the desert..a lucid dream waiting to be found…
large shaded area with lots of furry/fuzzy hammocks surrounded by art and doused with an array of music (<300W). a place to find when your ready to float.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


FoodLab has been providing IGS with food related services since 2002. A restorative spin off of FleshLab, we have lost the flak and shared the waffles.

URL: http://www.fernworks.net/foodlab/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Free Photography Zone

For ten years Free Photograpy Zone has been giving photographs to the participants of Burning Man. All participants are welcome to come by the camp where they are photographed by John and given a print to take home as a permanent reminder of their Playa personality. Additionally there is a gallery of prints from last year where participants are encouraged to take a large print ( 8"x10" through 20"x24" ) home with them.

URL: http://www.johnbrennanphoto.comHometown: Santa Clara, CA

Freudian Slip

Come slip up Freudian style: try on a vintage slip, a sticky mustache, and kick back with a Romeo y Julieta as we discuss whether a cigar is really just a cigar and take turns playing ping-pong on our professional table with anything but paddles. It’s a slip-sliding, rough-roaring time, ya’ll.

Hometown: Kentfield, CA

Friends and Family

After 11 of years of rocking the Bay Area, in warehouses, at weeklies, monthlies, campouts and more, Friends and Family finally arrives at Burning Man! Join us for four nights of dancing and revelry under the positive, glowing grin of a truly giant FnF Gearhead, treasured symbol of our collective, underground Psyche.

URL: http://www.fnf.org/Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Func Schway

Follow the guiding light to the camp of the mysterious funcschway. It’s about position, function, and how you feel. Our func is all about the music and our schway is all about the lights. Check out Dirty’s Martini Bar (Thursday evening). Funcschway is a master planned community… NOT! Funcschway grows and develops depending on the needs of the playa … the true essence of funcschway. Its very playa zen … YES!

URL: http://funcschway.archnevada.com/Hometown: VC Highlands, NV

Funkee Monkey Camp

Funkee Monkey Camp returns with a vengeance for its third year. We’ll be spinning funky beats to delight your feet, and serving up banana pancakes & coffee at 42.0 minutes past sunrise for all to enjoy after a night of monkeying around on the playa. Drop by for some daytime fun and funk that would make even Curious George jealous–come on down and git’ down!

URL: http://www.funkeemonkey.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Funky City Hats

hats by Funky City Baby with hat making workshops

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ


Travel past the Northern Lights to come visit us at FurGloo Arctic Outpost! Forever remap your psyche with tundra touch telekinesis, a mind-altering form of forging frozen fur feelings. Interested in joining our coldly creative camp cult? Contact Head Eskimo Swaa at fjdrechsler@yahoo.com…
The theme for The FurGloo Arctic Fur Igloo is *Tundra Touch Telekinesis.* The Tundra Touch aspect is maintained with a thematic igloo-shaped dome, a frozen art seating area, and interactive furry arctic art: the Telekinesis aspect is maintained with highly-interactive media components.
The FurGloo Arctic Fur Igloo is one of many Intersection Project Outposts which all: 1) include video/audio interaction and 2) have the overarching theme of *Mindspace Communication.* This ties into the Playa theme, Psyche, on many levels. In todays modern age, psyches are shaped by the hands of the large media companies that own access to the airwaves. By artfully re-owning this audio-visual process, Intersection Project Outposts create an immediate intimate feedback to the psyche of playa participants through interactive media and art.

URL: http://www.ocburners.org/furglooHometown: Huntington Beach, CA


Furtopia is a (fake) fur-filled haven for animals of all stripes. Please visit the Wigloo, a 20-foot dome where you may explore your (un)consciousness at our Bi-Polar bar. We’ll be serving up cold drinks and hot topics. Get wigged out and be immortalized in the Fuzzy Fotomat. Or get accessorized by making some furry pasties at our craft center. We will be going out on safari, hunting for other furry friends to shake a tail feather with.

Hometown: Washington, DC

Fusion Valley

Fusion Valley, will be offering an internet cafe, stop by enjoy our carpeted 30×30 shade, and visit other geeks. We’ll have couches, computers, music, misters, games, books, massage, and other fun activites. Stop by and say howdy to some long time burners.

URL: http://www.fusionvalley.net/Hometown: Gerlach, NV