2005 Theme Camps

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N-gon's Playground of the Mind

Exercise is a path to good mental health. Come join us in some healthy competition over the volleyball net, jump over your troubles on our tramp, let your stress drop away from your unconcious tossing ‘shoes, and let endorphins put a cheery outlook on your psyche.

Hometown: Martinez, CA

N7B ('Nevada-7-Burn')

N7B (‘Nevada-7-Burn’) Amateur Radio Special Event Station at Burning Man 2005.
Consciously, sub-consciously, unconsciously, we are in a constant state of communication. With ourselves and with others we try to bridge the gaps of space and time, or state of mind. Radio communication is at once practical; technical; real. At the same time it is as ethereal as a dream, as transient and translucent as a mirage. This is a year to bring the power and the glory of Amateur Radio to the playa.

URL: http://n7bweb.net/Hometown: Kennewick, WA

NAIR (Not Arson Island Resort)

Arson Island Resort is returning to the playa in its fourth (re)incarnation: NAIR (NOT Arson Island Resort. We will be returning with our new and improved Pillow Fight Club. Duke it out with your friends and/or enemies 24 hours every day, or stop in for a ride on our (also new and improved) Sand Worm.

URL: http://www.arsonislandresort.com/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Nancy'z Army of Redheadz

The Fire of the ID unleashed on the Playa, where the HELL of the Self and the HELL of this world become one!
We create an impenatrable Army of Redheadz ONE HEAD AT A TIME! Fire up your HEAD. Fire up your SOUL. Fire up this WORLD. Nancy’z Army of Redheadz (will naturally fade after 2 to 3 washingz)

Hometown: Portland, OR

Naughty Backwoods Ranch

Get Branded or Bucked at the Naughty Backwoods Ranch. Home of Daisy the Bull and the Naughty Cowgirls.

Hometown: Renton, WA


Come study the clouds with us. Set your unconscious mind free.

Hometown: Oakland, CA


Neverland Camp- replica of Neverland, primarily for children and their adults. Play-bring your imagination and dress up cloths.

URL: http://www.neverlandcamp.comHometown: Los Gatos, CA

New Days Eve

Why do we only celebrate the New Year, why not the New Day. Join us each night at Midnight to celebrate the start of a new day. Stop by every day to read or write your burning man new day’s resolutions.

Hometown: New York, NY


The Nexus, a marvelous microcosm in the macrocosmic universe that is Black Rock City. Homestyle atmosphere with the finest in music, performance, libations, and creative interaction available on the playa. Bringing promises of high voltage, blinding illuminations, throbbing basswaves, dragons, and chakra aligning vortex ring generators, as well as plain good old fashion good times. A beacon to a better tomorrow and a fine place to visit. Come shake it with the crew.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA


NOD has been a trans-temporal agent of change in the occult community for the past several years with it’s cells focusing on a wide range of interests including but never limited to Dzog Chen, Ving Tsun, WeiChi/Go, Tantra, Eastern Meditation, Sensuality, Tarot, Kabballah, Philosophy, and other forms of psychic remodeling. This year we look forward to sharing in these explorations with the Burning Man community. Stop by for a lesson in Ving Tsun or a game of WeiChi/Go or Perudo.

URL: http://www.occult.net/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Nose Fish

Camp Nose Fish presents "Head Games," a delightful collection of large scale games, puzzles, art and more to make adults feel like kids again! We’ll also have the MEZ dynamic video exhibit, the Great Unhot (our impressive people cooler), and as usual we’ll be directly interacting with "watchers" to entice them to come in, have fun and participate!

URL: http://www.timefold.com/nosefishHometown: San Francisco, CA

Nothing Camp

Camp Nothing. Have you spent years coordinating with others to create really cool stuff, participated in big theme camps, built large villages? Nothing is for you. We will be a loose collection of burners taking a break from extreme adherence to organized camps and interaction schedules. Need to take a year off and experience what it was you felt when you first arrived? Want that feeling of plopping you stuff down and seeing how it works with those cool new neighbors? Nothing is for you. At Camp Nothing, we will plan nothing, no meals, no infrastructure, nothing. Just bring your gig with no obligations. Go out and participate in the big picture freely without feeling that you’re letting your campmates down. Take a year off. Camp Nothing, where nothing is art.

URL: http://www.nothing.rexroadranch.netHometown: Winter Garden, FL

Nuk Fam Power Lounge Camp

Power Lunch…power nap…and on Playa be sure to POWER LOUNGE!
Nuklear Family recreates itself this year, mergeing and mingling with Los Angeles area camps to form a comfy theme camp and village that provides good vibes, perhaps a coveted giftie and best yet: a colorful, 24/7 furry public chill space, the Power Lounge! Come show us your incredible lounging abilities or recieve instruction from our seasoned professionals. Were looking forward to lounging ith you!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA