2005 Theme Camps

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Earth Guardian Western Pavilion

We’re trying to inspire you to appreciate the Black Rock environment and embrace Leave No Trace by focusing our collective artistic, technical and spiritual energy to protect our beloved playa. Hug the ground and go beyond no trace and leave positive traces (and no MOOP!) on the land. This year we’re setting up an authentic 1840’s – 50’s pioneer emigrant camp to celebrate the Black Rock’s National Historic Trails. There will be participants in authentic clothes from the period and they will remain in 1st person character, living at the encampment through the event. Join us for daily activities including: yoga, MOOPing, nature walks and restoration, hot spring patrols and LNT and camp of the day crusading. Classes and many kids activities (Thursday morning Covered Wagon ride) as well! Rest by the water bar and expand your mind with our enviromental library and movies when the day’s LNT activities are done.

URL: http://earthguardians.burningman.com/playa.htmlHometown: Incline Village, NV

Earth Tribe

Earth Tribe is the indoor Bio Village we call home. The intention of the village is stated in the name. Tribe is a group of people that takes care of each other. One day all the beings of the earth will realize that all separation is illusion and we will be one Earth Tribe. The village consists of 150 members from 13 countries. Together we will access the grid and build electric rainbow bridges of energy around the planet.

Our planet is a goddess we must respect her. Earth tribe strives to be as green as possible with our playa experience and LEAVE NO TRACE. Our generators and art bus run off of Biodiesel and we are fazing to solar for next year. We utilize a community kitchen as to minimize the amount of packaging consumed at the burn. Our domes are also temperature controlled by environmentally friendly Natural AC units called Swamp coolers and heated at night with propane. But most important of all we are here to peak our existence and enjoy Burningman together ; ) Live the Dream – Earth Tribe

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Easel Park

Easel Park is a large-scale art project. The Park consists of twelve easels which are over fourteen feet tall. Each easel holds a "canvas" which is 12 feet by 8 feet. These canvasses provide large-scale medium for artists who wish to work mural size. Some canvasses will be done prior to the event, and some during the event. Artists are encouraged to apply for painting space. The Park will also host smaller art, light shows, and has a live music stage.

Hometown: Sebastopol, CA

El Circo

Art is a ritual burning: the fruit of awareness: the desire to hold the world mouth to mouth. Based on the premise that we are all native to this place of wild enchantment. Imagine a dream — enacted.

URL: http://www.elcirco.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Elation Station

Elation Station will provide shade from the sun. A chill location where fine tunes may be heard, conversations will be ensue, and mad scientists will manifest an amazing mess. We will both hand out fresh thirst quenching lemonade and provide bodies with a much needed sun-block application station. Play with us, shade with us, and join us under the astral tortous as we take relaxation to the next level. Chillin like villains ya’ll!

URL: http://www.burningmilk.ourobouros.netHometown: New York, NY

Electra FM

Electra FM 89.9 Returns to the Playa for our 6th year on the air. This year we are located in Black Rock City with "Burning Silicon". Tune in and hear an eclectic array of music and comment. Theme camps, villages, artists and wishing to make announcements about events on the playa are welcome to stop in.

URL: http://www.radio-electra.comHometown: Tucson, AZ

Emergency Svcs. Station 9 Camp

Emergency Services Station 9 Camp is a loose collective of BurningMan Emergency Services Department personnel, families and friends. This camp also hosts the Emergency Services Department Medical Staion 9.

Hometown: Rocklin, CA

Energy Riders of Aromatherapy Love

Energy Riders of Aromatherapy Love invite you to come by in the HEAT of the day and change your Psyche through the power of Aromatherapy, we have lots of shade with lots of coool scented mist. Don’t forget to come get your SCENT ON befor cruzin the playa. Our Camp is open to all, we love to touch all harts with the delicitness of mist as we move the Energy with the power of a river. Welcome to all at all times.

Hometown: Carbonedale, CO

ESD Comm Center

This space houses the Communications Center for Burning Man

Hometown: Rocklin, CA

ESD Station 5

This space houses our contract Fire vendor’s offices and is the place that they will work out of

Hometown: Rocklin, CA


We take the UN out UNCONSCIOUS. Espresso served early mornings; Open when we get up for an hour or two. BYO cup, we don’t have any to go. NAKED ESPRESSO — no foo-foo froth, mocha, frappa, crappa, soy, latte drinks, just the real stuff. Stop by, say hi, have some of the last legal high.

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Euphoria Playaground

We seek release and transformation through the simple acts of play and intimate human interaction. We invite you to come play on our swing sets and other fun playaground implements. Among other surprises, we also offer ample shade, good company, and a wide variety of music to keep your playa-boogie going strong all week long.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT