2005 Theme Camps

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Damn Fucking Texans Texas Embassy

The Damn Fucking Texans return to BRC in 05 to continue our tradition of Texas hospitality, generosity, and interactivity with our fellow citizens. DFT will open an official Texas Embassy to further relations with the world’s Freak Central and bring accents, tastes, and other memories of home to Texas expatriates and visitors alike. The Texas Embassy will be headquartered in the Lone Star Bar, and all expat, present, honorary, visiting, and future Texans are asked to come trace your personal path from Texas to BRC.

URL: http://dft.briareus.netHometown: Houston, TX

Death Guild Thunderdome

Death Guild Thunderdome, a glorious arena of foam-covered carnage, wherein the smallest of grudge matches are settled by a combination of bungees, elevation and foam-covered weapons in front of teeming hordes who crave spectacle. Battle to the grinding strains of industrial music and to the cheers of black clad amazons aroused by bloodlust.

URL: http://www.deathguildthunderdome.comHometown: Alameda, CA

Deep Heaven: Heart of the Psyche

Deep Heaven invites BRC citizens to *Go Deep* 24/7 and visit our oasis for the open heart, where we explore intimacy, movement and improv playshops, blessing rituals, fortune telling, burner-button making, art activities, and play. Just look for our rotating heart mirror and “You Are Here”, our Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious backdrops for photography.

URL: http://www.graphicondesign.com/deepheavenHometown: San Rafael, CA


DeMaTerial once survived for six weeks in the desert on nothing more than eleven pounds of baklava and the morning dew collected from our camel’s hair. DMT never complains about the cold weather, even when its nipples are uncomfortably erect. Our deft floral arrangements have earned us fame in international botany circles. If you stroll by our camp our licensing bureau will grant you a license for….Private Nudity, Smurf Hunting, Procreation Vampire Slaying, Widget Fiddling, Cow Tipping, and several others. We also love Sangria

URL: http://www.magicpants.net/dematerialHometown: Cambridge , MA

Department of Tethered Aviation

Department of Tethered Aviation is all about kites! Come fly with us on Thursday @4:20PM for our annual Burning Man Kite Festival. Last year we brought you the fabulous Mylar kites on the Sunday night Temple Burn. This year we promise to have many more airbourne surprises! Come by for free kites to fly (or burn) all week.

URL: http://www.dotarocks.netHometown: San Geronimo, CA

Desires and Inhibitions

Long day on the playa, need a place to chill? Stop by Desires and Inibitions to let your mind unwind. The air conditioning and mellow tunes will make your day. Need a little action? Try an airbrush tattoo or a take a lap on our gigantic slip n’ slide.

URL: http://www.andomation.com/bm2005Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Tighter and Brighter in 2005.
Encounter conscious Di5orienters on Main Street.
Navigate subconsciously on the Di5orient Express.
Reflect unconsciously in the Chairs.
Welcome to Di5orient!

URL: http://www.disorient.comHometown: New York, NY


Camp Dickelodeon – Looking for a place to strut your stuff? Or maybe you just wanna see others in prime strut? Head on over to Camp Dickelodeon but leave your shame and dignity back at home.

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

different theme every day


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Dilated Peoples

Give yourself a reprieve from the scorching desert sun and indulge in a soothing treatment of refreshing eye drops, cucumber slices and a cooling gel-pack. Enjoy a meditative lavender-scented eye pillow while listening to our chill music, surrounded by the enchanting, healing powers of Dilated Peoples.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

dirtnap camp

Dirtnap camp is back with a new twist on celebrating the final journey, featuring 2 suicidal American authors and their substantial bodies of work.
Observe: The Hunter S. Hemmingway suicide note contest.
What were these guys thinking when they contracted lead poisoning? You get to speculate what was percolating through their subconcious, unconcious and concious thoughts by combining both of their writing styles to craft a likely last look into the lost lives of these literary lions. So dust off those long forgotten volumes in the attic, visit the library or book store and bone up on these larger than life journalists. The winning entry (awarded each day wednesday through saturday) will receive a six pack of premium brew. We will be awaiting your participation at Dirtnap camp, where inspiration, desperation and plagiarism are equal partners in the creative process. Let us be your dirtnap to the tomes of the stars.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Disco Head Fixers

Come get your fix of the best beats on the Playa. Late night and early morning deep house sets are our speciality.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Diva Boot Camp

Diva Boot Camp is inspired by the days of old vaudevill and circus. Catch variety shows daily, hang out in the Hammock domes, or see the bird’s eye view from the top of our giant boot.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon


THE place to get your Mutant Vehicle and Handicap Vehicle License.


Shall I tell you about Your Mother? She will reside at DonutLove this year. Visit Her and receive catharsis. Face your fears, purge your anxieties, repair your emotional dissonance, by taking in and becoming one with your conflict. Allow Your Mother to nurse you back to health. Re-enter Her womb to begin your therapy. Come to DonutLove…Your Mother is waiting.

URL: http://www.donutlove.com/Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Dr. Carl's House of Head Shrinkin

Stop on by. Relax on our very comfy couch and take a mental load off as you discuss any and all of your thoughts, experiences or dreams with a certified human or human like apparatus that is sure to offer something in the way of advice or comfort. Need some visual self analysis? Create your own Rorschach! Well display them on the Wallof Rorschach, creating a pallette of psycho-artistic-self-help!

Hometown: West Hollywood, CA

Dragon's Den

Dragons Den, the place on the playa to get a henna tattoo. while you wait, you can chill in one of the two domes with a misting fan or spin poi or hoop under the shade provided which is all gonna be in the shape of the dragons head. Once you come in, you never leave the same person!

Hometown: New York, NY


DREAM CAMP is home base for "The Dreamer" sculpture, by Pepe Ozan. A ritual processional at sunset to light the Kundalini Cauldron within the head will occur every evening. Dream visionary workshops daily on sustainable green community building, raw foods, 7th mystery school "DNA GATE" activations, Sound vibrational healing and lucid dreaming TBA.

URL: http://www.giamind.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Dream Theatre

Dream Theatre has afternoon dream discussion groups, to explore the possible meanings of our remembered somnambulous journeys – these gatherings are offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with a tentative meeting on Friday in the mid-afternoon from 3-4:30p.m., as a way to commune in the hot portion of the day, and to dive into the energy of the Playa, where dreams can take on a distinctly more expressive form. We are also creating space for spontaneous movement, spoken word, and theatre performance, and participants are invited to bring dream-inspired art.

Hometown: Emeryville, CA

Dream Tree

Sheltered beneath the expansive and welcoming canopy of our magical tree, come explore your dream world with us.

URL: http://www.DreamTree.usHometown: San Francisco, CA

Dreamtime Dew

During the day we will make masks. When it’s dark we will burn them. You may imbue them with whatever mystico/magico/spiritual mumbo jumbo YOU feel is appropriate, or not; after all it’s your mask. There will be pretty paints, cloth and other non-moopy decorations to make the mask look scary or lovely or sexy. We’ll be doing other stuff as well, including drinking, telling tall tales, spankings, costume fashion shows, impromtu political rants and vast outpourings of love. At some point two of us will get married and there will be some sort of ceremony with masks, symbolizing identities, partnerships and stuff.

Hometown: Santa Fe, NM


DUSTFISH comes to the Playa once again for THE POWER, GLORY, AND BEAUTY OF LOVE…and, YOUR PSYCHE! This will definately be the best year ever! More Live Music, Dancing, lots MORE!!! DUSTFISH LOVES YOU!

URL: http://www.dustfish.comHometown: San Francisco, CA