2005 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

LAFers aka Burning Friends

Yes, the Lazy-Ass folks are back, to paint your vision of the Psyche and greet you with a smile. Join us and be a lazy-ass too. Stop by and smear a little paint on our communal canvases, finger paint, or just relax at the Lazy-Ass Lounge. Come on over and show us your lazy-ass!

URL: http://artpacific.com/burningfriends.htmlHometown: Coos Bay, OR

Lake Lahontan Yacht Club

Don’t know if we are thousands of years to late or a few years too early, but we feel that Lake Lahontan deserves a Yacht Club and Black Rock’s first and craziest Yacht Club is back. Join us for drinks on the pier at sunset, the new natives, catch of the day, or maybe get your picture taken with Very Bad Santa.

Just more craziness from the folks of the Black Rock Oar House – guaranteed to raise your consciousness, mess with your subconscious or leave you unconscious.

URL: http://www.lakelahontan.orgHometown: Shelbyville, TN

Lamplighter Chapel (aka Workspace)

Lamplighters light the streets of Black Rock City every night of the event! We gather nightly at 5:00 p.m. the Lamplighter Chapel to clean, prepare and light near 1,000 lamps before we hang them ceremoniously throughout our city. The work takes 2-3 hours each night and we’ll use over 1,000 volunteers over the course of the week. Volunteers can participate as few or as many nights as they wish! Bring a friend!!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Lamplighter Village is where the core Lamplighters live. These are folks who make it there business to light the lamps of Black Rock City every single night!! Rain or Shine. White Out or No White Out. But you don’t have to live in Lamplighter Village to be a Lamplighter — participants are welcome and encouraged to join the Lamplighters on one, two, or several nights of the festival. This year in BRC there are more lanterns to be lit than ever before and we re going to need more Lamplighters than ever before, and that’s the cold hard truth!
Come relax in the shade of our lounge, enjoy a little late afternoon misting, or gander at the Man himself from our observation deck. Then join the rest of the robed ones as we head over to our Center Camp Chapel workspace every night at 5:00 p.m. to prep the lanterns for ritualistic distribution throughout the city!
Lamplighter Village is HQ for the first major part on the playa. Join us Monday Night at 10 p.m. for the annual "Bring Your OWN Cup" Lamplighter Sangria Soiree, and find out just what goes on under those robes.
And if your teeth are feelin’ a little loose mid-week and you fear you might be catchin’ a case of the ol’ scurvy… Come on by for a heapin’ healpin’ of Hot Sauce’s XXX cajun veggies served up in one of the best Bloody Mary’s you’ll find on the playa. Yep, Wednesday is the new Sunday AND our Bloody Mary Brunch. Bring your own cup! and make it a big ‘un.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/participate/lamplightersvillage.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA


Be a lapdancer-no experience necessary-we show you how. Also daily poledance lessons and dancer interviews Monday and Tuesday at Noon.

Hometown: Grass Valley, CA

Lawn Games Camp

Lawn Games continues in its quest to create for you the halcyon memories of youth you know you deserve. We offer brand new memories of (amongst many options) bocce, soccer, croquet, four-square, tetherball and sitting in the shade watching other people sweat in the sun. Come play a game! We’re always open!

URL: http:// www.dzm.com/lawngames/Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Lazy Leprechan Camp

Have you ever wanted to capture a glimpse of the ever elusive Leprechan? Well here is your chance…the laziest leprechans of the emerald isle will be vacationing in Black Rock City this summer. Come by and try to trick them out of their Lucky Charms or pot o’ gold…but beware, their nightime antics are renound!

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Liminal Labs' Psycho Psydeshow

At our mental midway, our wicked carnys and sideshow slickers will charm you with games of chance and, well, let’s be frank, skill. Our fortune tellers will lay bare your fate as they play 3-card monte for your soul. C’mon. Spin the wheel of fortune. Realize your dreams. Or worst nightmare. Roll the bones… literally. Are you prepared to enter the ring? Are you ready to face your inner bearded lady?

URL: http://www.zorca.com/liminalHometown: San Francisco CA

Liquid Latex Lounge

LIQUID LATEX LOUNGE – Join us for our 8th Year!
The Liquid Latex Lounge is a fun, friendly daytime place for Liquid Latex body painting and for exploring many of the possibilities of LIQUID LATEX – The "Paint On Clothing". The Latex Lounge is also a mello place for relaxing, nursing a hangover, getting out of the sun, sipping a drink, or taking a nap. But most importantly, it’s a social place to meet a new friend from an old life, meet an old friend for the first time, make a lifetime friend you’ll never see again in your life, or maybe one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. At the Liquid Latex Lounge… Bring Friends, Make Friends, Leave Friends. And… maybe get them naked and paint ’em in Latex! We’ll have the Body Twister Game again… It’s Twister and your body is the gameboard!

URL: http://www.LiquidLatexLounge.comHometown: San Jose, CA

LiquorInTheFront, PolkaInTheRear

Liquor in the Front, Polka in the Rear. What more do you need? Inoculate yourself against sobriety while getting down to the groovin’ sounds of the house band, Sexual Polka! This camp is also the home base of the Slowest Moving Bar on the Playa.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

LiteBrite Camp

LiteBrite Camp is conscious childhood play, subconscious sparking of giddy delight and an unconscious desire to spread the soul magic. Put peg art to your Psyche and express what’s on your mind. We’re eager to see your inspired art!

URL: http://www.litebrite.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Loose Monks

Loose Monks and their monastic dome will massage your psyche with Monk Hugs, delight your conscious senses with a High Noon tea extravanganza, bend and stretch your bodily limits and delve into your subconcious desires with Binding Man and other bondage and suspension devices and recollect dreams and memories with Voices from Dust!!! During the day the dome will host our events, workshops and demos. At night it will be converted into a Monastary Dungeon for carnal adult play. Friar Tuck has nothing on us!!

URL: http://www.geocities.com/loosemonks/Hometown: Long Island City, NY

Lost Camp

Lost? Looking for the familiarity of home? We’ve got what brought you up. Video Games, TV, Your Entire Music Collection. Lost Camp provides 24 classic video game access, nostalgic television, and one metric buttload of music. All on one big screen, all the time.

URL: http://lostcamp.comHometown: New York, NY

Love Puddle Camp

Love Puddle Camp: We make love! Find out how at our daily ‘Love Assembly Line’ tour. Come and get loved!

Hometown: Hyderabad, CA

Lucid Revolution

Lucid Revolution
A "lucid dream" is a dream when one knows one is dreaming. Our Burning Man 2005 camp will create an environment where the distinction between being in the dream world and the waking world is blurred. In the dream world, anything is possible. In the Burning Man World, anything is possible.
Lucidity opens the psyche and endless doors to self-knowledge, exploration, and fulfillment. A 44 ft dome will be the main focus of our camp, hosting two huge parties on Wednesday and Thursday nights with a large sound system, circus performers, stilt walkers, and DJs and live music from around the country. In the remainder of the nights and days our space will transform into a tranquil peaceful environment. From Friday until Sunday, burners are encouraged to come enjoy dream therapy with many licensed psychotherapists and dream workers. Our space will transform from a wild circus, psychic dream world to a peaceful dome filled with king and queen sized beds with clean sheets (we are bringing hundreds). Our camp will provide earplugs to all burners with relaxing music and Zen hypnotic words over the speaker system for people to enjoy a trip into the psyche.
Some initial ideas for our camp include a wait staff on guided wires and harnesses that can fly around the dome; larger than life stilt walkers in full costume; contorted mirrors for funhouse effects; projection of films such as that of "Waking Life"; projection of clouds and bird migration patterns to provoke the feeling of flying; projection of scuba diving to encourage the feeling of breathing underwater; a number of large beds will be arranged within the dome; digital clocks that flicker 12:00; and trampolines for leaping.
Our dome will be filled with dream signs to induce lucid dreaming. Dream signs take the form of events that would be considered impossible in the waking world. Some examples of dream signs are breathing underwater, flying or taking unusually long leaps, oversized / undersized objects or people for that matter, unusual colors for skies or living creatures (purple skies, green cats). We will have more subtle dream signs as well, such things as: device failure (light switches that don’t work), people with unusual speech patterns, and objects that defy gravity.
In addition to the 44 ft dome, Lucid Revolution will also feature large artwork and interactive experiences such as the Zen machine. Our camp will include camp kitchens, a shower station, and a community shade area at the center of our camp. We will position our RVS along the outskirts of our camp in effort to block sound from within and as well as the outside. Our tents will likely be located along the inside of our camp, between the community shade center and the RVS.
Our camp community (Over 100 people) is composed of people from various areas of the country, most specifically New Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, California and New York. Most of them have been participating in Burningman for 4 – 8 years. The leaders of our community have been involved in various theme camps, art projects, and music arrangements at Burningman and Regional Events. We understand the magnitude of Burning Man, the importance of tradition and the requirement that we leave behind no trace of our time spent there.

URL: http://www.lucidrevolution.orgHometown: Santa Fe, NM


We are an ever-evolving community defined by the love that we share with one another and with the world at large. Our sense of community is created through multi-faceted, aesthetic expressions of love, generosity, playfulness and manifesting magic.
– Create a peaceful, nurturing and safe space;
– Make people feel great, beautiful, and loved with our caring, sharing and gifting both materially and
– Encourage self-expression with support and playful participation.
We are committed to generating an expansive and generous sense of abundance on the Playa, both for our village inhabitants, and for all those folks we touch, both through our outreach projects on the Playa and by having them stumble into our loving home. We conjure an inviting respite for guests and an incubator for continuous regeneration of our village members. We do this by providing a number of unique outwardly reaching and/or inwardly supportive venues designed to make a difference that is limited only by a willingness to participate and be fully expressed.
We will nurture participants through ministrations of visual, aural, and taste stimulations provided by the Astral Lounge. We will facilitate glorious self-expression by glittering bright, shiny people both in village and through mobile outreach. We will entertain participants with performances in our 60 ft. parachute stage. We will facilitate health and self-tuning through yoga sessions and chill time. Finally, we will provide a deep and touching experience of acknowledgement for participants who open themselves at the alter of Angels of Acknowledgement.

Hometown: Oakland, CA