2005 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Experience the world of spirit animals as the mediums of the Zü channel their wisdom. The Zü hosts a fun environment of animal-themed activities all week long.

URL: http://www.blackrockcityzu.comHometown: Seattle, WA


Zaphod presents the Infinite Improbability Root Beer Saloon and the Zaphod StarCastle. Participants of all flavors are welcome to visit the StarCastle, powered by the riddle of the Cathartic Vortex and surrounded by a mysterious Improbability Field in geosynchronous orbit 0 feet off the playa surface.

URL: http://www.zaphodburns2005.orgHometown: Gresham, OR


Let your artistic unconscious take hold in our Zen Rock garden, mediate in the shade, or honor the four elements, directions, and gifts of Psyche; Dance, Music, Technology, and Literature at the Temple of Psyche. Create a personalized card for tsunami survivors which will be delivered to affected regions on the one year anniversary of the tragedy.

URL: http://www.funksion.org/zenplicity/Hometown: Seattle, WA


URL: http://www.spikezerbo.com/burningmanHometown: Rocklin, CA