2005 Theme Camps

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TaoSite is a residential neighborhood of Hushville surrounding our camp
from Taos, New Mexico. It is open to anyone in Black Rock City to camp in
with the four requirements of no sound systems, no generators, leave no
trace and all vehicles need to be covered or disguised. This is to provide
not only the aural oasis of Hushville’s environment, but a visual oasis to
the "camping in a parking lot " syndrome that much of BRC suffers from. To
camp in TaoSite, you MUST apply to camp in Hushville at their website
registration. This does not guarantee space, as that is on a first come

URL: http://playachicken.com/hushvilleHometown: Taos, NM


As part of Sanctuary Village, Tazii is a chill space that welcomes folks to wander into our authentic Moroccan tent filled with flowers, candles, tapestries and ambient music each night. During the day Tazii hosts yoga and reiki and impromptu music jam sessions.

URL: http://www.sanctuaryvillage.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Teknoasis is a rest stop and percussion refueling station for interdimensional cyber-nomads. At the core of teknoasis lies the interactive essence of artistic expression … Art, dance, fashion, individuality, music, performance and spirituality combine to create an ever-changing composition. All travelers are welcome.

Hometown: Emeryville, CA

Temple of Poi

rEvolve your flow through toys! Temple of Poi is a community of flow artists dedicated to creating an environment which Empowers artist’s flowology practice. Our practice develops the skills, mindset and artistry to allow flowologists more access to their center. We propel individual development while cultivating the style each person uniquely brings to their art form. We invite you to join us for play/exploration time with poi/staff/hoop/flags, etc (instructors will be on hand). Come join the flow rEvolution!

URL: http://www.templeofpoi.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


The badass kids of TempleWhore provide Reiki, massage, acupuncture, herbal medicine, yoga, and adult themed events on the playa. TempleWhore is the calm in the storm of the rave and the lights and the noise of Burning Man, just another varied beauty to bliss you out and hang with your body and spirit.

All served up to you with a Kali-smile and a Magdelen-kiss.

TempleWhore: Serving a higher power through our lower parts since 2004. Contact templewhore (at) hotmail (dot) com

Hometown: Seattle, WA

That Bloody Camp

That Bloody Camp returns with its haven of morning-after repose. We will cut through the dust of the playa and the previous night’s excesses with spicy bloody marys and even spicier servers. And of course we will give you space to relax, connect and maybe even make a new friend.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Bouncy Bouncy Club

The BBC. A jolly nice place to bounce.

URL: http://www.paynie.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

The BRANE Village

Forever melding the parallel dimensions of tribal dance culture from all up and down the west coast, The BRANE returns to get you PSYCHEd about livin’ and lovin’, as free as can be.

URL: http://www.thebrane.comHometown: Playa del Rey, CA

The Bubble Lounge

Slide in under the reflective dome of The Bubble Lounge and reflect on the contents of your own dome…pick up your free bubble generator, create a floating orb, focus on the rainbow iridesence of that perfect orb, one molecule thick and ask yourself the question, "Am I in the bubble or is the bubble in me?"
Performances nightly on the circular center stage of the Soul Carbaret. Don’t miss the adults only Cirque Libido on Thursday night. Enjoy the bubble toys and dance among the spinning spheres of consciousness.Create and contemplate…and remember…the softer you blow, the bigger the bubble!

URL: http://www.carnevale.usHometown: Venice, CA

The Bush

Additional Influence and Mix Movement presents an exploration into the growing musical world of Jungle and Drum and Bass. We have brought together some of Southern California’s best DrumNBass/Jungle talent and taken them to burning man so that you might experience them in our camp. Also if you have time, contribute to the community art wall, or stay off-hours and kick it in the atmospheric tent. Hope to see ya there, peace.

URL: http://www.MixMovement.comHometown: Palm Springs, CA

The Cold Wet Spot

A bunch of Santa Cruz Mountain Boys & Babes, aka SCMB, have created this camp to honor and salute the Wet Spot! A 53′ refrigerated semi housing a friendly bar ensures that wet spot stays cold! We will also be hosting the First Annual Black Rock Rock-a-Thong!

URL: http://www.couvillionmarketing.com/thecoldwetspotHometown: Los Gatos, CA

The Deep End

High Spirits, Deep Grooves

URL: http://www.thedeependcamp.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Elders

“The Elders” are providing Brie, Bach, & Talk from 4:00 to 5:00 each day. Join us for a snack of Brie, a glass of wine, some soothing music (not all Bach), and lot’s of conversation. We have no idea how many to expect, so if we run out of Brie and Wine we’ll still have “Bach and Talk! In our 18 foot dome we’ll also have an assortment of puzzles and the the Glass Plate conversation game based on The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse.

URL: http://lalagom.org/TheElders/Hometown: Corvallis, OR

The EnHightened Beings Of Leisure

We are the EnHightened Beings of Leisure. We want to indulge your Higher conscience. We want to take you to Higher Heights and show you a good time there…If you are a stilt walker you have now found your watering hole….so,stride yourself on over to “The High Chair”, kick back on the couch and relax with a High Ball. Ladies? Hard to relieve yerself from way up there ain’t it? Come, retain your decorum and use our “High Head Rest room”. The High Chair will also be the finish line,the pot o’gold, at the end of this years Critical Stilts Parade. Where, with libation in hand the finest in Height Couture will be judged and rewarded. Now, if aerial work is your forte, bring your tissue, your trapeze, your rings and hook up to our “High Hang-Up” and have your way with it. Now,let’s say, you have a lot to say…step atop our soap box on the “High Minded Stage” where you’ll find an open mic for the cunning linguist in you. Our larger stage “The Highly Motivated” is a forum for anyone to perform monologues, dance, play a game of oversized Twister or just practice their violin. Our “High Concept” screen will show 3D movies…get out the glasses. Aaaannndd…all this activity can be appreciated by spectators seated in our “High Browse Bleachers”.Three tiers of cozy, lush seating, shaded from the heat by day, swaddled in blankets near fire bowls by night.

Of course you might just be stopping by for High Tea being served at “The High Chai Cafe”. Come to restore your weary reserves thru massage, aromatherapy, chinese tinctures and our Highly acclaimed Billy Chai.There will be readings, Ohm chanting, dancing, yoga, percussion sessions and story & tarot card readings…Or…if you’ve never committed yourself to many, or to one, or even to yourself, you will yearn to be made whole by our resident Reverends: Jasmine Moonfire and Indigo Moonstar. Our in-house Higher Powers are here to Marry or Baptize you into Consciencia, guiding you to the land of self knowledge. Baptize your Playa self or your given name self with Black Rock City blessed holy water. Marry your alter ego,a friend, a lover, a dream, or an essence…give your heart over.You may want to become an ordained minister of The Universal Life Church…this ceremony can also take place for you…check the Chai Times calendar at our walkway entrance for all event times. At night, surrounded by beautiful music,witness the suspended fall of the tears of all. Our mesmerizing Fountain of Frozen Tears…will still your waters deeply…allow you to cry, open your eyes to the night sky, and with a lighter heart fly High. Our “Highly Self-Conscious Reflections Booth” will video you and in a virtual reality you will see yourself as others do. Or, you might have your portrait taken as your playa self by a 3D camera.

Lastly, you won’t want to try to miss…our “High Skool Bus”…A lounge, dance space, movie house that will guide our nightly parades across the playa to our fire sculptress Kasia’s masterpiece “Ajna”. Join our theme parades (perhaps catch a ride on one of our lovely “High Way Rickshaw” taxis)as the bus drives by, or meet The EnHightened Beings of Leisure back at their lair and we’ll all get High on ourselves and take our Psyches for the ride of their lives.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EnHightened_Beings/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Faces of Burning Man

Release your oh-so-familiar self as you are released from the plaster mold that will forever hold the likeness you present to the world today. Permanently record your face in "Playa Plaster", release yourself to the power of your inner phyche, and be part of our art installation – The Faces of Burning Man!

Hometown: San Leandro, CA

The Fire Station

The Fire Station will hold impromptu fire spinning and drum circles nightly starting about an hour after sun down. Bring your fire tools and glowy things and show your stuff. Bring a drum to beat upon. Fire safety tools will be available. Fuel donations accepted. The Fire Station is also the home of Bongo Buti, a unique acoustical experience. Located within Shangri-La Village.

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

The Fringe

From the still vibrating ashes of last year‰Ûͺs Relativity Camp has sprung an entirely new and radically funky beast. Great successes and positive feedback have encouraged the creation of a live music and performance venue unlike any other. A variety of live musical treats will transform your attitude and singe your fringe, while the chill domes reconnect your psyche with your bootaay. Burning man is at the Fringe of society, we will be at the Fringe of Burning Man, pushing the musical limits.

URL: http://fringecamp.com/plansHometown: San Francisco, CA

The G-Spot

The G-Spot is an interactive location for BRC residents to journey through their Inner Child with other destinations to include but not be limited to the Higher Conscienceness as well as the Sub Conscience. Please stop by and experience the Self Medication Station, Elevation Destination, Recreation Excitation, Stimulation Exploration, Restoration, and if you are truly fortunate you may even get Brainwashed!

URL: http://www.findthegspot.org/Hometown: Concord, CA

The God Box

All those seeking Mystical Revelation are called forth to supplicate themselves before the great and wonderful MYSTIC TOAD. Take the sacred oath of secrecy, purge your spirit by writing in the BOOK OF CONFESSIONS, be purified by the ritual priests, and enter deep within the LAIR of the MYSTIC TOAD, wherein lies the mysterious GOD BOX. There you will open the GOD BOX and reveal the secret contents within, coming face to face with the ULTIMATE REALITY OF ALL EXISTENCE, SPACE, TIME, AND BEING! Come and revel in the most profound of experiences on the Playa.
The TOAD is happy . . .

URL: http://mystictoad.net/Hometown: Buellton, CA

The Golden Cafe

The Golden Cafe offers exotic cocktails, live music, shaded sidewalk seating, and giant checkers and backgammon games, hidden away in the heart of Black Rock City. If you’re looking for a casual place to escape the sun, meet new people, or showcase your artistic or musical talents, drop on by!

URL: http://www.thegoldencafe.comHometown: Woodland Hills, CA

The Illumination Village

It is our 11th year on the playa, and the mission of the Illumination Village stands as firm as ever — to support and create both large and small-scale artwork, especially fire art, in a comfortable and welcoming environment. 11 years, and we’re still creating world-class artwork — and lighting it on fire!

URL: http://www.illuminationvillage.netHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Lost Penguin Café

The Lost Penguin Café makes its 5th appearance on the Esplanade at BM’05.
Luxury, entertainment, the comforts of "home", revelry, chocolate, and wine.
Come and get it.
No need to get specific.
Y’all know how we roll.
Get yourself on up in this.
Guaranteed: You’ll never forget the hospitality, luxury, fun, and entertainment that you’ll find at The Lost Penguin Café.
If you don’t know, you better ask somebody.
Scheduled stage performances available. Slots are limited.
Contact Gargoyle at: cryingbunnies@earthlink.net.
phone: 562.494.7565

URL: http://lostpenguin0.tripod.com/Hometown: Long Beach, CA

The Messiah Complex

Discover the savior within you! The Messiah Complex will help you build a new religion that features YOU as the founding prophet. Through our mystical methods of divine contact, you will learn the deepest secrets of the universe, which you will spread to the infidels. If you can gather the largest flock, you can brand everyone else as heretics!
The Messiah Complex features a holy symbol and vestment workshop. Paint, sew, or mold your very own sacred artifact, pendant, or banner. Stitch up a genuine prophet’s robe, kimono, or other priestly garb.
In the evenings, our DJs will be playing some psytrance, house, and breaks.

URL: http://www.entheist.com/messiahHometown: Klamath Falls, OR

The necklace factory

Escape from the bustle of black rock city and relax in the luxury of the necklace factory. taste the joys of craftsmanship and the riches of planet earth’s bead cornicopia, as you construct your own necklace in the luxurious workshop of the necklace factory.

URL: http://town-center.net/burningman/burn.htmlHometown: Kingwood, TX

The Oedible Complex

The Oedible Complex is a search for meaning in random tones, a musical invocation of the divine, and a portal to the eternal. Also, we’ll have some really good food and drinks for those who join our journey.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

The Pickle Joint

Fresh, cold, crisp, juicy JUMBO pickles served to you with a smile night and day at The Pickle Joint.

URL: http://www.gamesandtheory.com/thepicklejoint.htmlHometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Pink Flamingo Lounge

The Pink Flamingo Lounge is making it’s debut on the playa with music, dancing, meetings, classes and love. Learn to pole dance, negotiate some lovin, come to the virgin 2005 meet and greets, ladies day at the bar, stop by for a drink and some rest and so many other things. Come feel the love of Pink!!

Hometown: Chehalis, WA

The Playground formerly the GLOM

Welcome to the Playground, formerly the GLOM.

Home of the BurningBand, The Chairway to Heaven, gASSo Station and showcase for all the marvelous adult devices created by our Mayor Joey. For past burners that have had a great time with us, please cum see us again for even better times this year! For newbies, please bookmark us for a visit to one of the event’s must see, must do attractions. Ride the chair to 40 ft. heights and experience the best overall view of the city to date- day or night. Stop by the gASSo station and get your tires fluffed, ass spanked by the Spank-o-matic machine, ride the Ogasmatron till you’re satisfied or enjoy a refreshing propane enema by ethyl our unique gas pump (converted).

If you play a band instrument, come and join the BurningBand for the best time you can have on the playa! Or simply chill at the Intergalactic bar and sing or dance or whatever!

URL: http://www.playaplayground.comHometown: Fallon, NV

The Provider

The Provider has returned to Black Rock City after a brief hiatus. Stop by and relax your psyche with some of the Playa’s best and most intriguing literature.

URL: http://www.the-provider.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Q

The Q is an evolution of the original conGLOMerate camp. With the intimate support of The GLOM’s founders and former leaders The Q is evolving into its own stand alone camp in 2005. The Q is focused on delivering sensory experiences that cause an explosion of taste, touch, sight, sound and smell and is home to the infamous Playa-Q, the Q-Bar (formerly The GLOM bar) and the ever popular Pickle Joint (formerly in the center camp ring).
These destinations will catapault you through your senses in ways never before conceived on the playa. Come enjoy our Pickles, lunches and libations.

URL: http://www.playaq.comHometown: San Diego, CA

The Red Tent

As in ancient times, the Red Tent will be a sanctuary for women who are on their moon flow or who have entered their menopausal years. Join your playa sisters here to rest, rejuvenate and nourish yourselves!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Temple of the Quick Fix

Humans continually seek a simple resolution to complicated problems. Our camp offers simple resolutions to ALL problems. We are The Temple of the Quick Fix. The Temple founders were in a large camp last year. Too much work. This year we are about fun, chill, low stress and high energy. The Temple has a simple motto: “If it can’t be done in an hour, we ain’t doing it.” We encourage everyone to embrace our mantra. Either way, don’t look for elaborate theme camp stuff here.

Our quick fix involves getting in touch with your body through movement. Our DJ invites you to dance. Our drummers keep your feet moving. Our fire spinners inspire you to ignite your passion. Our aerialists make your heart and imagination soar. Come and spin poi, hoops, staff, whatever. Bring your drum for our nightly drum circle. Aerialists, we will have a shaded 30 foot rig with both tissue and trapeze. We don’t have a bar. Ours is a different buzz.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Theta State

Visit The Theta State. Dream machines to make you sedate. Drinks to make you irate. Burgers will be used as bait. Within the domes, We’ll make our homes, Maybe you’ll find a mate.

Hometown: Lawrence, KS

The Third Inversion Jazz Cafe

Escape from the rave and experience the etherial tones of live jazz. The Jazz Cafe returns for its 3rd year, providing a sanctuary for musical exploration, personal introspection, and a stellar cup of irish coffee for the weary Playa traveller passing in the dark night. Come on in, the band’s about to start!

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PlayaJazz/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Tittyman

God instructed me to go to the desert. To build a city. A city made of Tittys. If I built a city of Tittys they would come two by two and they have. I have been building my city of Tittys for 6 years. Come leave your prints at The Tittyman’s Camp and become part of Burningman History.

URL: http://www.thetittyman.comHometown: Modesto, CA

The Trash Fence

The edge of civilized-ation
" you’re either inside the fence or outside the fence!"

URL: http://www.fortythree.com/BM2005/Hometown: Portland, OR

Therapeutic Mind Scan

See your subconcious thoughts in high def-video and audio! Using ultra-advanced, formerly top-secret technology your mind is scanned then your inner-most thoughts are projected in living color and sound. Nothing touches your head and there are no side effects, except a better understanding of your mind and psyche. It’s enlightening, educational, entertaining and psychologically psychedelic!

URL: http://www.therapeuticmindscan.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Thermal Shock Village

Thermal Shock village supports the Berlin Ranger outpost and features various artistic endeavours presented by our individual camps.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Thermal_Shock/Hometown: San Diego, CA

Thunkytown cause we thunk of first

Stop by any time to thunk about life and experience self-reflection before the flash fountain. Join us in the big dome Wednesday night for a Thunky time. At night you will be able to watch flames dance about.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Tiki Oasis

Hometown: Land O' Lakes, FL


As a community grows, it acquires the need for self-regulation. This year Tikidom presents the Black Rock City Liquor Control Commission, assisting you in altered consciousness, encouraging the use of strong drink and making sure that all community beverage establishments are makin’ ’em stiff.

URL: http://www.tikidom.comHometown: New York, NY

TIMI Tribute Camp

We live for good times and popping wheelies! If you’re ridin’ a bike, you’re gonna have to pop a wheelie through our "wheelie only zone" or you’ll be facing the consequences. We’ll also be handing out complimentary liquid refreshment for a day or two so you can get your drink and some laughs on! Just beware of the SNAKE!

Hometown: San Jose, CA

TOTEM Massage Camp

Did you know that your Psyche is a muscle? It is! And sometimes it gets tired and needs a little rest, or a good massage, just like your poor tired butt does. TOTEM Massage Camp can help. We provide a comfy indoor chill space where you can relax, meet new friends, and enjoy our delicious music. You might even get one of our massagers to give you an hour or two on the tables.

URL: http://www.eternal-mysteries.orgHometown: Salt Lake City, UT


TRANCENDANCE: Bringing world class psytrance to the desert. Come join us in a journey of illumination. First enter the Magic Glasses trance tunnel and experience a thousand points of light. Wear the magic glasses and see out of your third and fourth eyes. Exit onto our psychedelic dance floor and be taken on a journey where the gradual intensification of musical effects bring your body and mind into an exquisite dark night of the soul. Surfing the psychedelic bardo transcend into a liminal zone evoking dreamtime, primal rites and deconstruction of your ego. At Dawn feel the rising heat and light reconnect you to the human family, nature and your fellow desert travelers.

URL: http://www.soularrecords.com/BM2005Hometown: San Francisco, CA


The Republic of White Trashistan will heckle you from their porch. Live punkrock and magic shows are on the agenda.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Tribal Thunder

We like to drum, we like to drink.

Hometown: Martinez, CA

Twilight of the Gods

Worship and prayer in our Tabernacle introduces seekers to the embrace of suffering (not just happiness), the tearing of our conscious selves from idolatry to embrace of the mystery, awakening from a blind and peaceful slumber. Pray to god to be rid of him.

URL: http://www.twilightofthegods.infoHometown: Brooklyn, NY