2005 Theme Camps

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From Zen to Yen and Back Again.

Dragon Debris presents an examination of Wabi Sabi, the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. This time, we revel in the mystery and ordered chaos of Japan, from ancient to modern.

JAPANORAMA is many layers of experience as a sort of maze, that one must traverse to discover the essence, the inner core. How do perceptions change as one delves deeper through imagery, tradition, customs, innovations and obstacles?

URL: http://dragondebris.com/Hometown: West Hollywood, CA

JiffyLube/Penetration Village

A gathering of gay and bi-sexual camps who collectively encourage a sex-positive atmopshere and playground on the playa!

URL: http://www.getingetoffgetout.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Johnny and the Playa Cruizers

Johnny and the Playa Cruizer’s Bicycle Repair, Lube and Body Shop Home of Pro wrenching, bitchen flame jobs, pin stripes and lube jobs. Get your shaft cranked, headers blown, chassis lubed, and have your bike or body striped, flamed, and detailed by the best wrench jockeys in Black Rock City (BRC).

URL: http://www.playacruizers.comHometown: Renton, WA


The interactive raison d’etre of Joycamp is to transform Burners’ psyche from whatever state they’re in, into joy, the most essential state of the psyche. To that end, we’re having daily Joyhours during the hottest part of the late afternoon, when Burners are most exhausted and cranky, to soothe and recharge the their weary psyches, transforming them to joy, with cocktails, music, games and relaxation at our lounge.

Hometown: West Hollywood, CA

jubjub's plastic circus

Our Monkey joined the Plastic Circus.

JubJub(jb-jb)A vessel for holding ale or wine; a jug. A vessel for holding ale or wine; a jug.

Plastic(plstk)Capable of undergoing continuous deformation without rupture or relaxation.

Circus(sirrks)a frenetic disorganized(and often comic)disturbance.

Hometown: Reno, NV


Jyoti is a camp in Sanctuary Village that immerses visitors in an environment of lights, patterns, music, and interactivity to spark their creative potential. Our 30′ dome offers a multimedia floor and other devices that respond to music, movement, sound, and your ideas.

URL: http://www.sanctuaryvillage.comHometown: New York, NY