2005 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

K-Svert 106.5 FM Performance Stage

K-Svert 106.5 FM provides the good citizens of Black Rock City a voice, a venue, an outlet for creativity in the form of not only radio waves, but also a professional quality performance stage that is open to any and all who wish to share their talents with the masses. K-Svert is your spot on the radio dial to keep in touch with the happenings in our fair city. At night the stage comes alive with performance, shadow dancing, artistic visuals,fire spinning, and spectacle. A feast for the eyes and ears! Located on the Esplanad, look for the 50 foot green broadcast tower.

URL: http://www.k-svert.comHometown: San Jose, CA

Ka Pilina camp

Kama’aina have no better home on the playa than at the Ka Pilina camp, the official embassy of the Burning Man Hawaii Regional group. Meet other Hawaiian burners and learn about the many interactive art events and the growing community in the islands. With your help we want to bring to the playa Hawaiian culture expressed through art and performance. Our biggest event of the week will be our third annual gathering of "kama’aina on the playa" on Friday 4-8 pm. Stop on by if you want to connect with Ka Pilina, and Burning Man in Hawaii.

URL: http://www.kapilina.org/kapilina/tcamp05.htmlHometown: Haleiwa, HI


Tea House of the Underworld

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

KAMP Go Fuck Yourself (KAMPGFY)

If you have the time to whine…
If you are looking for the KOOL kids…
If you are looking to have smoke blown up your kazoo… keep walkin’
We are here to have fun with everyone on the Playa.
And for everyone to have fun with us.
And ART WILL HAPPEN everywhere we go!
We are currently all training hard to be able get to every KAMP we can to spread our Art and Joy.

Art and Joy =
The KAMPGFY Moving Company
The KAMPGFY Painting Company
The KAMPGFY Full Service Mobile Station
The KAMPGFY Stadium Rock Tour

We can’t wait to meet you all 🙂

URL: http://loser.neurotoxin.net/KAMPGFY/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Karma Police, Precinct 37

The Karma Police will be on the beat this year citing Black Rock Citizens for Good and Bad Karma. When showing acts of kindness, creativity, intending to inspire… be aware, you may be cited with an actual citation.

URL: http://karmapolice.sunshinex.comHometown: Hong Kong


One time she drank the window cleaner so we fed her coal. Another time she got locked in the bathroom for 6 hours before anyone noticed. We worry about her and sometimes we think about letting her go, but generally she does great work and she has always been so friendly. It’s tough having a monkey for a maid, but it’s more awesome than it is tough. Orangoutangs por vida! Visit us for exciting Storytelling Shisha nearly everyday. We also have waterslides, rocket ships, rickshaw service and mango tree!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Kidsville is of, by and for kids and their families. We welcome any and all to camp with us or stop by and play for a bit. We are not a babysitting service but some amazing friendships have been created and have lasted over the years. We have something special going, it’s worth checking out.

URL: http://www.burningkids.comHometown: Carbondale, CO

kosmic kabana

This is the home of Kosmic Kabana, the earthly habitation of a tribe of cosmic wanderers. We’ll be landing at BRC to share the wisdom we have learned in our voyages across the omniverse. The wisdom of the runes, the tarot, the medicine wheel, NLP, yoga and Twister are but a few of the gifts we bring to the citizens of Black Rock City.

URL: http://www.gasanim.com/kosmic/kosmic.htmHometown: Arvada, CO

Kostume Kult

Bubbling up from the NYC underground, Kostume Kult is an artistic party crew like none other. Inside the Kostume dome, an unruly gang of faeries, gnomes and artists offer up costumes, accessories and body painting to all who participate. A theme camp since 2002, early in the week we seek to trade but, by the burn, everything must go! By day, our dome is open to all and, by night, the Kostume Kultists make a most colorful spectacle as we do the playa right! With some "Groove Hoopers and the SF-based "Hex", we also offer hooping lessons and other random shenanigans on a 24-hour basis. Please stop by or email us if you are an enthusiastic costumer-participant. You are one of us 🙂

URL: http://www.KostumeKult.comHometown: New York, NY