2005 Theme Camps

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Ganesh Hanky Camp by Wizards of Id

The “Wizards of Id” bring you “Ganesha’s Hanky Camp this year. Ganesha, the Hindu god of overcoming obstacles (among other attributes), invokes the unconscious resources of the psyche to visualize and actualize positive change, change that originates in the clarity of the imagery in the unconscious mind during meditation or similar states of consciousness. The Wizards of Id are here to help all who desire a shot of tequila to reach perfect clarity as to where they are and where they are headed on their journey. So, tell us, or record in our journal, anything that reflects your mythic journey of transformation at Burning Man – a recent dream, a story that happened after hitting the playa, an insight gained, or anything that reflects the path your individual psyche is taking through the collective experience of Burning Man toward your purpose in being here. Your reward? A shot of tequila and good comraderie. When? Cocktails at 4:00 p.m. Wed. – Sat.

Hometown: El Cerrito, CA

Geisha House

The Geisha House is a small fur lined indoor/outdoor lounge with air-conditioned Geisha Cave and Cold Sake. You Are Your Own Geisha.

Hometown: New York, NY

Genital Portrait Studio

" OH – MY – GOD Becky, look at her butt… it is SO BIG, I mean, let’s like, take her to Genital Portrait Studio to get her a phat ass ID."
Like, it’s totally awesome to get your kitty or cock featured on your very own GENITAL ID with our tubular retro Polaroid technology – and yes, we will photograph just about anything in lieu of your actual genitals, but what the FUCK is the fun in that?!?! … it’s BURNING MAN, BABY, so drop the drawers and whip out the goods, honey, we wanna see those pussies and peters, no matter how caked and crusted with days and days worth of playa dust they might be!

URL: http://www.genitalportraitstudio.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

German Wheel Camp

We will be training in the art of wheel gymnastics again, with three sizes of wheels, day and night, with our luminecent off road wheel.
Also, Pilates sessions will be offered at 8 am every morning, along with fresh home grown fruit for all participants.

URL: http://www.solar-flight.com/Burning%20Man.htmHometown: Ramona, CA

Get Lost

for a good time…

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Goddess Camp

A meditation village with a 12′ tall interpretation of the Goddess Psyche.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

goddess wish camp

Goddess Wish Camp if you are a goddess come have your wishes granted and your desires fulfilled. Shower, shampoo, shaving,conversation,cuddiling,spanking,orgasmn,anything!

Hometown: Concord, CA


Behold GOOFERVILLE, your one-stop plop for all your Psyche needs, wants, and the mish-mash inbetween, featuring daily and nightly live circus arts performances, live bands (including house band GOOFERMAN), off-kilter DJs (including residents DELACHAUX and SpinCycle), mind-boggling visual arts, sideshow freaks and whatnots, the proto-conscious, chill-worthy Gooferdome, and, of course, a bar. Also don’t miss the GOOFball Klown Party Thursday night and GOOFERVILLE -hosted Goofergames out on the playa in front of our joint by early evenings.

URL: http://www.gooferville.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Green Gorilla Lounge

Green Gorilla Lounge Burning Man Camp is your Funky House Music Oasis on the playa, a trance-free environment. We are an interactive nightclub with large-scale sound ast, a relaxing chilldome, a lounge with cocktails and fine ale on tap, and nightly theme parties with a playa-wide reputation for quality. Let’s get our psychaedelic space funk groove on, baby!!!

URL: http://www.greengorillalounge.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Messing with your mind while you clean your behind.
What is GREEN PENIS? Lots of water,a walk-thru babtismal, but it is NOT a public shower.(or is it?)
Droplets will fall daily from 11 o’clockish till we’re out of fluids.

Hometown: Auburn, WA

Greeters Station

Los Angeles, CA toplessdeb@burningman.com

Hometown: El Segundo, CA

Group W

Group W has been a regular fixture at Burning Man since 2000. A small, social camp, we offer temporary tattoos, drinks, and a place to hang-out. We host the Best Friday Morning Sunrise Cocktail Party on the Playa.
This year we are also host Math Camp: A Safe Place For Mathematics

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Guns and Dope

The Guns and Dope Party is back, and will be pushing our tolerance of firearms, drugs, and ostriches on the unsuspecting again this year. Stop by to be endorsed for the political office of your choice, and pick up some harm reduction information for a safer burn while you’re here.

URL: http://www.gunsanddope.comHometown: Depoe Bay, OR

Gypsy Nomad

Gypsy Nomads: Feel free to join our tribe of individuals travelling the Playa in our caravan of wonder wanderers, seeking other gypsy nomads to join our clan. We have a last supper every sunset and espresso at sunrise.

Hometown: Forest Grove, OR

Gypsy Witch Camp

We, the Gypsy Witches, are here for you, the Newbies and the lone travelers. Our camp consists of experienced Burners who would like to provide a community for you to camp with, explore with, eat salsa with and drink tequila with. If you are a first-time Burner, a lone traveler or are just looking for a welcoming group to spend a week with, you are welcome to join us. Each night we have fresh, homemade salsa at six and fresh cut limes with tequila at ten.

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK