2005 Theme Camps

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Ubercarney's (un)Safety Town

Perhaps you remember riding your tricycle through the streets of Safety Town in your elementary school parking lot, learning the rules of the road, meeting McGruff the crime dog and having that nice fireman teach you to stop drop and roll — now imagine that idylic childhood scene recreated with a special dark Detroit spin on it. Come on out to (un)Safety Town to revel in the wonders of urban decay, bet on Borg 2’s ability to outdo the Org’s art at our casino, dance in our little goth club, crawl through the liquor lotto deli to see what new porn is on the shelves, and then redeem yourself at our church of karmic release. Feel free to spend some time as a bum in the abandoned train station, bob for krack rocks, or show off your urban survival skills.

Hometown: Detroit, MI

uvART camp

The uvART camp is a multidimensional interactive blacklight art show,3D abstract experience.featuring psychedelic trance music everynight and pink floyd music everyday.

URL: http://www.uvart.orgHometown: Las Vegas, NV