Camps and Placement

Burning Man is not a festival, it’s an event and a city in the desert. At most festivals you’ll find friends camping together in their cars and tents in what looks like a giant parking lot behind where the main festival activities take place. It’s very different at Burning Man!

Camps are the heart of community in Black Rock City. The majority of people who go to Burning Man are part of planned, registered camps. Open Camping and Walk-In Camping also exists for any individual or group to find a spot for themselves without pre-registering. The main event is everywhere; it’s where people like you contribute interactive, creative, incredible experiences to share with everyone. Camps are organized groups of people doing just that.

For more tips and guides about how to plan at camp, please review the Camp Resource Guide, join or start a thread through E-Playa, or turn to the Camp Support Team by emailing

Where can I get advice on how to run a camp?
Here are some things we’ve prepared to help people run great camps on playa. We recommend starting here and turning to other experienced Burners to seek advice on spaces like E-playa, the Burning Man Hive Theme Camp Organizers Group, and our volunteer-run Camp Support Team.

What is a Theme Camp?
Theme Camps are organized groups who come together to provide services, entertainment, art, and other creative interactive experiences for everyone at Burning Man. This interactivity can be truly anything! It’s also the home where camp members sleep, eat, and take care of their needs while living in the desert. Theme Camps began in 1995 and have become the way the majority of people camp and participate in Black Rock City. They are the interactive core of Burning Man. Theme Camps are home to groups of anywhere from three to 400 people. There are also Villages, which are groups of two or more interactive Theme Camps combined together. Please visit the Camp Placement Criteria page for detailed information on how theme camps and villages are selected for Placement.
What other types of camps are there?
There are several other types of camps in Black Rock City. There are Art Support Camps that support registered art installations on the playa and Mutant Vehicle Camps that support registered mutant vehicles. There are also Burning Man Departments, Work Support Camps, and Department Approved Service Camps. Please visit this page to learn more about the various camp types.Participants who are not part of a registered camp have areas where they can find open space to camp within Open Camping and Walk-In Camping.
How do I camp at Burning Man? How do I find a camp to join?
Glad you asked! We have a whole section of information about how to join a camp, where you can camp, and about camping options (such as RVs, yurts, tents, etc.) just for you.
What is Placement?
Placement is how camps receive a reserved camping spot at Burning Man. If your camp would like a reserved Black Rock City address, your camp will need to participate in the placement process. If your camp would like to arrive before the Gate opens to build or set up your camp in a reserved camping spot, you will need to participate in the placement process.Placement is optional but not guaranteed for theme camps and villages. Applying for placement does not automatically gain you a reserved spot in BRC. Camps must meet criteria for their camp category to be eligible for placement. If camps are not selected for placement or do not want reserved placement, they are able to still set up camps in Open Camping or Walk-In Camping after the Gate opens. Learn more about these options here.The Placement Team are volunteers who facilitate the placement process, work directly with every camp, and make the map of Black Rock City. We get to know your camps, plan the city and meet you in person to place your camp on the playa.
How can my camp get placed?
If you’d like to receive a reserved camping spot for your camp or village at Burning Man, you’ll need to learn the placement process and submit the Camp Placement Questionnaire before the deadline. The Camp Placement Questionnaire can be accessed through your Burner Profile, and all deadlines are updated annually there. There’s a lot of important information! Read all about the placement process here.
How will Placement know how my camp is doing?
Placers regularly travel the city to see how things are going. Additionally, volunteers from Placement’s Exploration and Engagement Research Squad (PEERS) may visit your camp to have a friendly conversation about how you feel things are going in your camp and in your neighborhood.