First-Time Volunteers

If this will be your first Burn and you are considering volunteering at Burning Man, you’re in the right place! The Burner community considers volunteering as a gift to the community and an opportunity for civic participation. This is one of the qualities that makes Burning Man the unique experience that is so close to our hearts.

Things to Know

    • Unlike many other events, volunteering at Burning Man does not automatically equal a ticket. If it does occur, it usually applies to volunteers who work within the organization year-round and are highly accountable. These are not roles that are easy to jump into.
    • So, as a rule of thumb, you should always use your own methods to obtain your ticket, and not expect to receive it from the team for which you volunteer.
    • If you are interested in volunteering for a team managed by Burning Man, choose no more than two teams on your volunteer questionnaire. The questionnaire is in your Burner Profile, and info about teams can be found on this page.
  • The only way to get subscribed to Burning Man’s volunteer announce list is by filling out a volunteer questionnaire.
  • Burning Man is built and experienced based on the strength of its community. To tap into the community for info and to share resources, keep an eye on ePlaya.
  • Burning Man, among many things, is also an exercise in self reliance. It’s important to take the time to read the First Timer’s Guide and Preparation sections of the website.

How to Volunteer for a Burning Man Team

Fill out a volunteer questionnaire and check your desired team(s) on the form.

If you don’t hear back from the team in a couple weeks, send them an email (you can find the team’s contact info in the Volunteer Teams section).

The following teams recruit new volunteers every year. However, please note, many of these teams are done with recruitment as early as May:

  • Airport
  • Air Playa Info (Reno Airport)
  • Artery (limited opportunities)
  • Arctica
  • Center Camp Cafe
  • Cleanup/Leave No Trace
  • DPW (only for cleanup after the event)
  • DMV
  • Earth Guardians
  • Greeters
  • Lamplighters
  • Media Mecca
  • Placement, Camp Support, and PEERS
  • Playa Info
  • Pottie Project
  • Recycle Camp
  • SF Office Volunteers (SF Bay Area residents only)
  • Community Events (year-round, SF Bay Area)
  • Tech Team (mainly year-round and not during the event)
  • Temple Guardians
  • Volunteer Resource Team (mostly but not limited to SF Bay Area residents)

These teams do not recruit first year burners:

  • Artery
  • Box Office
  • BMIR, unless highly skilled and come highly recommended
  • ESD, unless experienced in a specific needed area and come with awesome recommendation from a long time ESD team member
  • Gate, Perimeter, and Exodus
  • Rangers

Volunteering Pre-and Post-Event

Access to the playa during setup and cleanup time is strictly limited to the setup and cleanup crew. Every team, theme camp or art project has its own setup and cleanup team. To find out more, contact the team, theme camp, or art project directly.

Volunteering for a Burning Man Project

Fill out a volunteer questionnaire.

Browse the projects (art installations, theme camps, mutant vehicles, or whatever) seeking help on Spark and/or create a listing advertising your skills.

You can also do the same on the ePlaya.

Volunteering in Your Region

To volunteer in your own region, fill out a volunteer questionnaire and contact your local regional group.

Volunteering on Playa

During the event, you can always stop by the V-Spot in the Portals of Center Camp and the 3:00 and 9:00 Civic plazas to find out about volunteer opportunities whenever you’re in the mood! No need to sign up before the event, but, if you do volunteer, remember to fill out a volunteer questionnaire after the event.