Documentation Team

The “Doc Team” is responsible for photography and videography at Burning Man events throughout the year. We’re an international team of award-winning photojournalists, filmmakers and artists, some of whom have been shooting for Burning Man Project since our earliest days in the desert.

We cover Black Rock City extensively, from the City Survey through the end of Playa Restoration. We support year-round operations such as all-hands meetings and training events, Official Regional Events worldwide, and community events like the Desert Arts Preview, Camp Symposium and Decompression.

Our work is showcased whenever Burning Man Project needs imagery to support its storytelling, be it on web properties, social media, press requests, presentations, or documents like the Dispatch. Over 80,000 photos, from the first Burn in 1986 to the present, are stored on a searchable site:, and hundreds of videos are on our YouTube channel.

We are always on the lookout for more great visual storytellers with experience as Burning Man participants, in Black Rock City or around the world. We may have a spot for you on the team. Email us at or visit us on playa at the Doc Team Office Container inside Media Mecca.

The Doc Team annual gathering (Photo by Douglas Hooper)



2021 Man Burn webcast (Photo by Terry Pratt)



Richard Neill interviews “Pauper’s Ballroom” artists David “Scribble” Nelson-Gal and Peter “Pedro” Loughran (Photo by Mark Nixon)



Mark Nixon of the Doc Team (Photo by Jini Sachse)



JK and Terry of the Profiles in Dust team



Eleanor Preger (Photo by Ruthanne Kocour)



Beth Nelson films interview with Marco Cochrane and Julia Whitelaw (Photo by Dustin Fasman)



Dustin and Terry interview Ranger Cucumber (Photo by Dan Baker)