Volunteer Opportunities


Direct personal engagement, both as individuals and as collaborators, is essential for manifesting change in the world. Whether one’s participation is in Black Rock City, in one’s local community through the Regional Network or globally, the impact will have a resonance beyond what is immediately observed. Burning Man offers a variety of ways to participate, regardless of one’s physical capabilities, skills, interests or geographical location. Make a difference: Participate!


Want to be a part of it? We regularly share opportunities to get engaged and participate in any of the Civic Programs and Burning Man Arts, so you can put your skills and interests to work to bring Burning Man to the world at large. What will YOU do? Get in touch to volunteer!

Also, there are always year-round opportunities to volunteer with our San Francisco Office Squad, Technology, and Special Events teams.

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Give the Gift of a Donation

We appreciate your financial contributions in support of Burning Man Project, a 501c3 nonprofit public benefit organization. All contributions are fully tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Federal Tax ID #45-2638273. If you’d like to make a financial contribution in support of Burning Man Project, its mission, values and the programs that bring them to life, visit our Donate page.