Village Planning

The Mission of a Village

It is the mission of a village to provide a public home for other citizens of Black Rock City. The purpose of a village is not simply to be with friends or share domestic arrangements. It is to work with your fellow villagers on a project that will connect you with hundreds of other participants. Like a theme camp or an artwork, a village is a gift that you contribute to our city. A village is self-expressive, a village helps others, and a village should be fun. In taking responsibility for a village you enter the ranks of the founders and organizers of Burning Man and Black Rock City. You should expect to work very hard, play very hard and experience an immense satisfaction. Please read the following description of what a village is, and if you are interested follow the link to the theme camp/village questionnaire.

What is a Village?

The concept of a village spontaneously emerged from the experiences of participants that have come to the event in the past. Friends camped together, perhaps working on a theme camp, and in the process they met other camps and decided to form a group the following year. They embraced each other’s ideas and, as other participants passed through, they too were brought into the fold. Strong friendships were formed, future plans and commitments were made, and as a result, these communal groupings over the years have prospered. We can now expect each village to contain a great number of theme camps, venues for entertainment, individual living quarters, a central meeting area, public art, communal eating arrangements, and above all, a willingness to welcome and embrace everyone that ventures into their domain. A village is, in fact, a micro-model of “community” within the larger macrocosm of Burning Man. A village citizen’s duty has grown from a communal commitment to a civic commitment: Offering gathering areas, help, entertainment and information to those who enter the space.

Village contact: The village contact must compile all of the information needed to complete the Placement Questionnaire. You are responsible for the early arrival requests. Art in your village, fire in your village, storage of flammables in your village we want to know about. The village layout is your responsibility.

By forming a village, you develop a close-knit relationship with the Burning Man community at large. And don’t be fooled by the name “village.” A village is not a remote suburb. A village has its own identity but also incorporates the identity of the city. Remember, we are all actively creating our Burning Man experience with our pre-event efforts. By building a village, you are setting the tone of our city. What we create this year will be something everyone will remember. Shared ideas, resources and an ever-present concern for every individual make community. To create a village is to take on the responsibility for creating an environment in which people live together with the intention of creating something to give back to the community. To these ends, it is a place to maximize the potential that everyone brings to Burning Man.

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