Arranging Deliveries

Below are the ONLY ways deliveries can be made on playa:

Option 1: Bring EVERYTHING Yourself!

This means you or your campmates drive your things in and out on your own, without relying on any vendor assistance, even if you’re bringing in large cargo, trailers, etc. We highly encourage camps to share resources with their neighbors. The Burner community is filled with many talented people, and camps may find the help they need by reaching out. 

We’ve seen wonderful examples of neighborliness and communal effort stemming from camps sharing resources like heavy equipment and power. Spark Classifieds is a place to facilitate connections and collaborations among groups or individuals. We encourage camps to post listings for skills and/or resources they need or have to offer. 

Pat yourself on the back for being radically self-reliant!

Option 2: Outside Services Program

Burning Man Project’s Outside Services (OSS) program supports theme camps, art projects, and mutant vehicles by facilitating deliveries from permitted vendors and service providers. 

Camps and art projects that do not have the specialized equipment to safely transport, install, and/or service their infrastructure in Black Rock City can contract with an approved OSS provider to receive support. OSS providers must receive authorization from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Burning Man Project (BMP) to deliver directly to camps or art projects.

All outside deliveries must be arranged through the OSS program. No deliveries, drop-offs, pick-ups, or exchanges happen at the gate. Any commercial deliveries found at the gate will be immediately sent off-site.

NOTE: In 2022, delivered housing was disallowed through the OSS program. We encourage anyone who used this service to use housing they can take into the event themselves.

Allowable Categories of Equipment and Services, aka “ACES”

The last few iterations of BRC saw significant growth in delivered housing through the OSS program which was often used as a backbone for convenience camps. As part of the multi-year Cultural Direction Setting process, we set out to re-align the OSS program to its intended purpose and support the principles of Decommodification and Radical Self-reliance. These three criteria took shape as the best expression of the OSS program’s foundation:

  1. Does this category support health and safety in BRC? 
  2. Is this category helping us towards our sustainability goals?
  3. Is this item or service helping in the spirit of the Communal Effort and Gifting Principles?

Only businesses that fit within the ACES framework are allowed into the OSS program. Potential providers should be able to show how their proposed equipment or service supports at least two of the following ACES criteria: Health and Safety, BMP’s Sustainability Goals, and Communal Effort and Gifting.

How does the OSS program work?

OSS providers can make deliveries to the playa from 6 am until 6 pm each day for the duration of their approved OSS contract. OSS providers must adhere to all applicable federal, state and local laws, as well as operate in accordance with their Burning Man Project contract and with Burning Man’s cultural ethos. 

Your camp or art project must be officially placed by a member of the Placement team or Artery representative, as applicable, before you are permitted to receive any equipment or services from an OSS provider. At least one camp member must be present at the camp or project site. An OSS provider cannot be the first to check in with the Placement team on behalf of a theme camp or any other camp with reserved placement. 

OSS providers delivering potable water must furnish a Nevada State Health Certificate. OSS providers delivering fuel must comply with the fuel delivery requirements. See the Water and Fuel Delivery page for more information about these specific types of deliveries.

Special Recreation Permits

All prospective OSS providers must meet the ACES Criteria above and apply to the Bureau of Land Managerment (BLM) for a Special Recreation Permit (SRP) by the posted deadline. 

Commercial activities in Black Rock City are prohibited unless specifically authorized by both Burning Man Project (BMP) and BLM.

According to the BLM press release, “Vendors will need to submit their application by the close of business, 4:30 PM (PST), on April 7, 2023.”

The SRP application is available on BLM’s website. OSS providers who would like more information can call the BLM Winnemucca District Office before submitting or renewing an application: 775-623-1500.

How to apply for the OSS program

The OSS Application for 2023 will open on March 24th and close on April 7, 2023. Burning Man Project does not accept late applications.

Burning Man Project has a strict evaluation process for any interested businesses to ensure they meet our minimum requirements:

  • Valid business license
  • Current certificate of insurance (meeting Burning Man Project’s minimum requirements)
  • Bonafide business that isn’t limited to the Burning Man event
  • Support decommodified culture
  • Meets ACES criteria

Application process

1) Apply for SRP before the April 7, 2023 deadline
2) Email to register your interest
3) OSS sends online application to potential provider
4) Provider completes applications by both of the deadlines
5) OSS confirms SRP application was filed with BLM

Application must include:
        • Current Certificate of Insurance meeting BMP’s minimum requirements
        • Valid business license

6) OSS approves providers and sends contracts
7) Providers sign contract and are able to start taking bookings for the 2023 event

If you have any questions about the Outside Services program, please email