Accessibility Vehicle Criteria and Licensing

Accessibility Vehicle” (AV) licenses are issued by the Burning Man DMV to participants with physical disabilities. Just like Mutant Vehicles, you should pre-register in order to get a license to operate an Accessibility Vehicle.

NOTE: Accessibility Vehicles being driven into the event will require a vehicle pass.  Towed vehicles (such as a golf cart or ATV) do not.

For general information regarding vehicles at Burning Man, go here.
For information on bringing a Mutant Vehicle to Burning Man, go here.
For information regarding Vehicle Passes, go here.
For Accessibility Vehicle Application go here.

How do you get a license?

  1. Read the Black Rock City Vehicle Protocols and Driving Rules at Burning Man.
  2. Meet the Burning Man DMV’s Accessibility Vehicle License Criteria (below).
  3. Pre-register your vehicle through our online application form.   All vehicles should be pre-registered through this form to be considered for on-playa licensing (see link at bottom of this page).
  4. Bring your vehicle to the Burning Man DMV at Black Rock City for final vehicle inspection.
  5. Once licensed, the person with the disability MUST be in the vehicle any time it is driven in Black Rock City.  Others cannot drive the vehicle without the person with the disability in the vehicle.

Accessibility Vehicle Licensing Criteria:

Disability Placards & Plate
Example Disability Placards & License Plate
Disability Placard Receipt with Name
Disability Placard Receipt with Name
  • Registrant must provide a government-issued Disability ID, Parking Placard, or Disability license plate number with the accompanying identification card/receipt showing the name of the person with the disability.
    • The reason we require a government-issued ID, Placard, or License plate is that we are not in a position to gauge what does or does not constitute a physical disability. For folks with recent injuries or limited movement of a temporary nature, it has been our experience most doctors will sign off on a temporary placard in those cases for an event such as Burning Man.
      • In cases where a disability is due to an injury that happens after the registration deadline and/or is too recent to obtain a Disability Placard/ID :
        • Have your doctor fill out a Disabiltiy Placard application form.  
        • Submit the form to your local DMV and provide a copy of the signed form and your local DMV Receipt in your Accessibility Vehicle Application in lieu of an actual placard or ID.
        • If it is after the deadline for pre-registration, please email for assistance.
  • A standard of safety for your vehicle and its occupants
  • Physical inspection and a photograph of the vehicle on the playa
  • Past behavior
  • Current behavior (violating driving rules at Burning Man is cause for revocation of your license, ejection of the vehicle and/or the operator from the event)
  • While decorating your vehicle is always appreciated, there is NO REQUIREMENT that a Disability Vehicle be decorated or mutated

The following vehicles are NOT allowed as Accessibility Vehicles:

  • Vehicles larger than standard-sized pickup trucks/SUVs.
    • Vehicles over 20 feet long and wider or taller than 7 feet are generally disallowed.
  • Vehicles with multiple levels
  • Vehicles with trailers (this means vehicles that wish to drive on playa with a trailer attached)
  • RVs/ Motorhomes
  • Two-Wheeled vehicles of any kind (Motorcycles/Mopeds/Scooters)

The following vehicles do not require licensing to be used as Accessibility Vehicles (by persons with disabilities) :

  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • 3 & 4 wheeled Mobility Scooters

For other powered vehicles that do not require licensing to be used at Burning Man, please see:

The use of flame effects on vehicles operated by participants with disabilities at Burning Man requires special arrangements. If your disability will not affect your ability to control your flame effect or if you have made special arrangements that would allow you to operate your effect safely, please contact to discuss this matter with us.

All general questions regarding licensing can be sent to the DMV at

Vehicle Passes for Accessibility Vehicles
Vehicle Passes for Towed Vehicles

Every vehicle actively driven into the event requires a Vehicle Pass.   If you are using the vehicle you are driving into the event as your Accessibility Vehicle, it will require a Vehicle Pass.
Invited Accessibility Vehicles that are being brought in on a trailer, do NOT require a Vehicle Pass. They must still have pre-registered and you must bring the DMV Invite Letter to show to the gate.

Final Licensing

Final licensing takes place at Burning Man where the DMV’s team of Hotties will check your vehicle and your Disability paperwork. When you are ready to start driving your vehicle on the playa, make the DMV your very first stop and bring your DMV invite letter with you. Once at the DMV, the DMV staff will confirm that your vehicle meets the criteria for a license and provide your vehicle with a license sticker and flag to designate it as licensed to drive at the event.


The DMV hours for 2023

NOTE:  Saturday 08/26 – Monday, 08/28 the DMV will open 11:30 am – 1:00 pm for ACCESSIBILITY VEHICLES ONLY.

SATURDAY, 08/26 11:30 am  – 10:30 pm
SUNDAY,  08/27 11:30 am  – 10:30 pm
MONDAY,  08/28 11:30 am  – 10:30 pm
TUESDAY,  08/29 11:30 am  – 10:30 pm
WEDNESDAY, 08/30 11:30 am  – 10:30 pm

THURSDAY,  08/31 3:30 pm  –  8:30 pm
FRIDAY,  09/01 3:30 pm  –  8:30 pm

SATURDAY,  09/02 11:30 am  –  2:30 pm

NOTE:  In general, unless there is a problem with the type of vehicle, the vehicle’s ability to safely operate, or an issue with the registrant’s past behavior, the DMV will usually approve all qualified Accessibility Vehicle applications.

First Step: Register Your Vehicle

After you have read and understood all of the above sections, go to the following web page for this year’s exact registration dates and click on the Accessibility Vehicle Application link to fill out an application.

Black Rock City Participation Forms

If you have ANY questions about the Accessibility Vehicle criteria or licensing, please email us at