Medflight Evacuation

Did You Know It Costs $30,000 If You Get Transported Off Playa Via Helicopter?!?

The most expensive ride on the playa is the one you never want to take: an emergency medical transport to one of the Reno hospitals. Even if you have insurance, it still might leave you with a bill for several thousand dollars, since most insurance doesn’t cover 100% of medical costs. Of course it is considerably worse if you have no insurance at all!

Every year, it seems, we hear a story or two of a Burner who gets airlifted off playa only to practically need to be resuscitated again when they receive their bill months later. Given that only an unlucky few get airlifted each year, chances are good you’ll never need it, but if you have a complicated pre-existing condition or you are a good little scout and believe in preparedness, it’s worth considering the PLUS membership that American Medflight offers for Burners in 2017.

The membership program is $50 and includes several important upgrades in benefits.  First, American Medflight is now part of the fourth largest air ambulance company in the country, meaning your membership will cover you should you need medically-necessary air ambulance services throughout much of the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.  Further, your membership is now good for an entire year, not just during our week in the desert.

And since we hope to use this air ambulance instead of ground transport (the cost of transport is about the same, but a plane takes about 20 minutes to get you to Reno), this membership is a win.

Contact this representative to sign up with AMRG/American Medflight:

Amy Hunter
(801) 619-4900

Or call their main phone number: (775) 856-5800