Permit for Gifting Food

If you are planning to make and give away food or drinks to the public on the playa including fresh squeezed juice, coffee with dairy, or even snow cones, you need a permit. You must apply for and be permitted as a Temporary Food Establishment by the Central Nevada Health District if:

  • You will be cooking or serving food to large groups of more than 125 FELLOW CAMPERS of your camp on a consistent basis. (If you have a communal kitchen shared by 125 or more campers, but meals are prepared individually, or in smaller quantities than for 125 persons, a permit is not required, however we highly recommend you research and review safe food handling practices, starting with the Central Nevada Health District information.)
  • You wish to share, cook or serve food or non-alcoholic beverages to the general Burning Man population (gifting food).

Complete the ‘Temporary Event Permit Application’ which can be on this website, along with other Burning Man food safety information and guidelines.

Potable Water Hauling Policies

Any person who is hauling, delivering, vending, providing, or selling potable water to any individual or organized camp other than their own private or individual camp at Burning Man must be permitted by either the Central Nevada Health District or the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP). This requirement does not apply to RV providers which provide a fully stocked RV for individual use. Please contact the Central Nevada Health District for further information: (775) 867-8181.