Episode 11
Burning Man Live | Episode 11 | 08|04|2020

Art on Fire: To Build, Film and Burn in Black Rock City

Guests: Jennifer Raiser, Sophia Swire, Andrew Johnstone (AKA Haggis)

Burning Man art has become a movement in the mainstream art world and in popular culture, spawning museum shows, books, and films. In what ways does this radically participatory, highly interactive form of expression translate from its desert home to these more traditional channels?

Stuart speaks with Jennifer, Sophia and Andrew. 

Jennifer Raiser is the Treasurer of Burning Man Project, is a Black Rock Ranger and answers to the playa name “Coco Cabana.” She authored several books including: Burning Man: Art on Fire. 

Sophia Swire is an entrepreneur, activist, author, and filmmaker. She’s produced several documentaries including the film: Art on Fire.

Andrew Johnstone is an Oakland-based artist, painter, muralist, Man base pavilion lead, and 20 year collaborator with Burning Man founder Larry Harvey.

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Sophia Swire