Episode 10
Burning Man Live | Episode 10 | 07|29|2020

Coyote and the Book Built to Burn

Guests: Tony “Coyote” Perez, Harley K. Dubois

Tony “Coyote” Perez has been building and striking Black Rock City since 1996, back when it had 1/10th of the population and 1/10th of the user-friendliness. Two long years later he co-founded BRC’s Department of Public Works and has been the City Superintendent ever since. He’s the “Bard of the Desert” and Burning Man’s first Storytelling Fellow. His book is “Built to Burn: Tales of the Desert Carnies of Burning Man” and it’s, uh, creative nonfiction…

Stuart and Andie talk with him about the sketchy days of early Burning Man, the widows of Gerlach, a territorial cattle rancher, and a helicopter Sheriff who loses his cool.

WARNING: Contains descriptions of a graphic nature that made people lose their cool.

Harley K Dubois tells of meeting Coyote on his first day at Burning Man, and the next day, meeting an entirely different version of him.

Caveat recommends the world’s most versatile multi-tool: Immediacy. Get it now… RIGHT NOW!

Burning Man Journal: Tony Coyote Perez

Tony Coyote Perez