Episode 13
Burning Man Live | Episode 13 | 08|19|2020

Burning in a Virtual Universe

Guests: Kye Horton, Gloria Beck, Logan Mirto, Stuart Mangrum

In a time and space without a Black Rock City event in Nevada, volunteer crews are using computer code instead of power tools to create a host of digital Burn experiences. What exactly are the “Eight Recognized Universes of the Burning Man Multiverse?” What can you do in these online worlds, and will Daft Punk play at the virtual trash fence? Logan and Stuart go looking for answers with the organizers.

The through-line for these online offerings is that they will all be celebrating Burning Man culture – from virtual reality worlds to curated Zoom experiences, from web browser adventures to a global streaming burn night. Burning Man Project’s Kye Horton and Gloria Beck help us figure it all out, along with a few of the Universe creators themselves.

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