Episode 5
Burning Man Live | Episode 5 | 06|24|2020

Dark Angel of Black Rock & Restoration Destiny

Guests: DA of Black Rock (AKA Dominic Tinio), Logan Mirto, Stuart Mangrum

Stuart and Logan talk with DA (aka Dominic Tinio) about Playa Restoration, the team that returns the desert to a pristine state after each Black Rock City, and the meditative pride that comes with it.

They recount launching a burning piano from a trebuchet at the world’s largest Leave No Trace event.

They discuss environmental sustainability, MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) and DA’s Black Rock MOOPATHON, an 85-mile desert clean-up starting this week.

Coyote shares about losing his car under a massive pile of garbage.

Caveat shares about how socks – Civic Responsibility socks – provide a comfortable step, and a fun and functional democracy.

DA’s Black Rock MOOPathon

The MOOP Map

Playa Restoration

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