Episode 7
Burning Man Live | Episode 7 | 07|08|2020

Harley K. Dubois and the Evolution of Black Rock City

Guests: Harley K. Dubois, Caveat Magister, Tony 'Coyote' Perez

Stuart talks with one of the Founders Harley K. Dubois about how Burning Man evolved since the 1990s… and what now…

Power, money, and consumer substitutions for real experiences.

Rain and rave camps at Black Rock City, and living under a lucky star.

Maker culture, social capital, and seeing ourselves through the coming changes.

Coyote tells of the time a woman in white emerged from the mud to face off with a post-apocalyptic flame thrower on wheels.

Caveat asserts that Radical Inclusion transforms cat memes, game night, and society.

Harley K. Dubois