Episode 8
Burning Man Live | Episode 8 | 07|15|2020

Fly Ranch and the Land Art Generator Initiative

Guests: Robert Ferry & Elizabeth Monoian, Zac Cirivello

An otherworldly oasis in the desert. Water, wildlife, possibility, and responsibility. Zac manages Fly Ranch in Nevada. He shares about stewarding the majestic and extreme natural sanctuary.

Elizabeth and Robert direct the Land Art Generator, and challenge artists and engineers – anyone – to design aesthetic and harmonious energy infrastructure for prototyping in the extreme environment of Fly Ranch.

Zac Cirivello, Operations Manager of Fly Ranch, Nevada

Robert Ferry & Elizabeth Monoian, founding Co-Directors of the Land Art Generator Initiative

Will Roger Peterson, one of the 6 founders, tells of how “Burning Man” became Black Rock City at Fly Ranch in 1997 – a crucial year in Burning Man’s legacy – when its citizens took ownership to the streets.

Caveat is convinced that Leaving No Trace lowers car insurance via the chakra-razing technology that NASA uses when astronauts need vision quests.

Fly Ranch

LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch